Lamborghini, stuck between electricity and the desire to keep the engine warm

Lamborghini, stuck between electricity and the desire to keep the engine warm

Lamborghini will launch its first silent car in 2027. But while the EU is working on a strict ban on combustion engines from 2035, the luxury brand is asking itself the question of maintaining the V10 and V12.

At Lamborghini, we are ready to turn – a small page. The brand had already done that on the Aventador by ditching the V12 Bizzarrini after decades of good and faithful service. But the current twelfth cylinder now finds itself threatened by the European parliament, which is inclined to ban them from the agreement and new registrations, like all combustion engines. The EU wants to ban the registration of cars with a heat barrier from 2035 in many EU countries. At the moment, the law is still unclear about the possible exemption that brands such as Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Ferrari or Lamborghini can benefit from.

Hybrid until 2030, but after?

Lamborghini is a traditionally wise manufacturer regarding the plan of its products and its investments. But once unusual, the brand recently revealed its vision several years from the list.

There will be 4 models at Lamborghini in a few years: two sports coupes, an SUV, and a fourth car that will be electric and practical. The Sant’Agata brand clearly wants to focus its strategy on a more family audience and looking for “everyday” cars. Rationale: The Urus represents half of Lamborghini’s sales and continues to develop the company, which now sees these models in a new light.

Now we know that The next generation of supercars will be plug-in hybrids (like the next Urus), but Stephan Winkelmann, the boss of the brand, wonders about after 2030: “the MP will tell us what we will be authorized to do from 2030”, he said. he explained during an interview with yahoo.

Synthetic oil

The philanthropic entrepreneur, having worked for Bugatti before returning to Lamborghini, intends to bet on an alternative to fossil fuels: “we hope that there will be an opportunity in a large enough synthetic oil, or distributed in large quantities for us to enjoy on our best cars.”. The theme is a theme in the Volkswagen group since Porsche has already launched production projects for these new types of fuel, especially in South America and industrial partner. However, production remains limited and will be reserved for racing cars. For Lamborghini, however, if the EU decides not to eliminate low-level products and not to certify synthetic fuel, then it will have to quickly focus on all-electric. But the brand will probably have planned for it with a common platform.

Posted on 08/12/2021 Updated 08/12/2021 Matthew Ganna