Lamborghini is recalling Huracans with a surprising problem

Lamborghini is recalling Huracans with a surprising problem

Lamborghini Huracans are being recalled in the US, following a problem with the driver’s door opening.

Imagine owning a Lamborghini Huracan. It’s nice, huh? But life as the owner of this ‘hurricane’ is not always easy. Indeed, some The EVO and STO models were collected between May 2 and May 9, 2022 are victims of the door problem. That of the driver can really… accident and not clear !

A joke? A hidden camera? No! This is door mechanism problem. Therefore, Lamborghini has identified a defect in fixing the cable, which goes from the door handle on the driver’s side to the final opening system. When it doesn’t sit well enough, This cable no longer opens the driver’s door. Love!

Will you soon recall the Lamborghini Huracan in Europe?

Currently, this concern affects owners in the United States. This is a generalization problem, because 21 Huracans are affected, according to the Italian manufacturer. So their drivers will be contacted and asked to replace this defective left door opening system.

The problem is still in, for now, in the United States. The brand does not not to inform the European authorities of this kind of recall on the Old Continent. The number of customers affected by such a problem must also be counted on the fingers of one hand, in France. In the end, however, it is possible to approach the seller. This is to ensure that your car is affected or not affected by this problem.

Remember that Lamborghini must soon presenting the Huracan Sterrato. A the road version of the V10 supercar. The joke has already been released, as the car was caught being tested by spy photographers.

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