Lamborghini is investing two billion euros in its electric vehicles

Lamborghini is investing two billion euros in its electric vehicles

As the world thinks more and more about the impact of its actions on the planet, the automotive world is also trying to change, for the better version of itself. Major manufacturers have always followed the styles ordered by the public opinion, but the changes take longer to reach smaller brands, especially luxury ones, which have customers who are more loyal to the tradition.

But even in these companies that seem to have no time, the transition to an electric car is evident at the end of the tunnel. Among the mythical names of the car, many have already crossed the Rubicon, we can mention here the models Porsche or Lexus and to a lesser extent Mercedes and Audi which, although located in the world of electric cars, are not a luxury product itself.

Lamborghini and electric cars, nothing but obvious

Then there are the companies that are in the process of preparing for this change. Ferrari’s incredible horse farm is preparing for the most important changes in its history, but other companies from the boot country are about to replace their heat engines with lithium batteries.

As you will understand, we are talking here about Lamborghini, a brand based from Bologna, but which has sold its talents to Volkswagen, the company’s owner since 1998. Known for its big cars, the brand could use electricity as its sister. Ferrari.

According to Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of the brand, the electronics transformation will take place before 2024 and the brand has made an investment of more than 2 billion euros to achieve this change without immediate customers. Because with the Lamborghini time is running out.

Europe has forced everyone’s hand

If the brand is one of the few manufacturers that has the right to discriminate, the European Commission has yet to force the sale of electric cars only on the old continent from 2035. So Lamborghini will have to consider, on paper, the brand must do the same. before 2036, but it risks selling new electric cars long before.

The brand that was most talked about when it released Urus in recent years, the SUV is far from the Lamborghini DNA, so it has decided to continue breaking the tradition and start in 2024 its transformation into electric cars.

Today Lamborghini does not offer any electric cars, nor even hybrid models. The first of this kind should arrive by 2024 with a possible presentation by the end of next year.