Lamborghini has sold all the cars it will produce until 2024

Lamborghini has sold all the cars it will produce until 2024

All cars produced by the Italian luxury brand until 2024 are already sold, as Stephan Winkelmann, the brand’s managing director, told France Press and other French media.

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“More and more people are approaching Lamborghini, because they trust the brand, look at how beautiful the cars are and the high performance they have,” said the executive, without false humility.

The brand’s growth is truly impressive: in its 59 years of existence, the last semester was the best in the company’s history, with 5,090 units sold worldwide, with an operating margin of 32% and a profit of 425 million euros.

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However, the Italian brand will fully establish itself by 2024, and perhaps there is a big explanation behind the demand. 2022 is the last year the manufacturer will offer only combustion engines.

From 2023, the “cow” manufacturer will bet heavily on hybrid models, until electrifying the entire fleet in 2024. In addition to all that, long waiting times are caused by the shortage of parts and semiconductors, necessary for car assembly .

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