Lamborghini has already produced 20,000 Huracáns!

Lamborghini has already produced 20,000 Huracáns!

The Italian brand celebrates its best-selling model, although production will continue for a few more months after the arrival of the new Tecnica.

Arriving in the ranks to replace the Gallardo, The Huracan has sold 20,000 units since its launch in 2014. A huge number, especially considering that the Gallardo sold 14,022 units. It was the Huracán STO, the most aggressive street version of the V10-powered sports car, that took the honors. Subtle yet formidable in its matte color version, it was presented to a Monegasque client. In 8 years of operation there have been no less than 7 different versions of the Huracan, not counting derivatives that can be discovered. Spyder. There is of course the original Huracán, the RWD development version, the Performante, the Huracán EVO and the EVO RWD which are similar to the main modification, the STO and very recently the Tecnica. And all that without counting the many limited editions and special series, nor racing models! On the road in any case, it is clear that coupes are preferred by customers.

Best selling coupes

In fact, harder versions account for 71% of total sales! And it’s the Americans who benefit the most, after all about a third of the Hurrakans were handed over to Uncle Sam’s country. Next comes England, a country that loves sports cars, then China. And because buying a Lamborghini is also an act of social distinction, it is not surprising to know that since its launch, 60% of Huracans produced have benefited from Lamborghini’s Ad Personam personalization service. The latter allows you to choose a rare color from a palette of more than 300 unique colors or even create one designed from a sample, while the passenger rooms can also receive their measure of personalization, color, materials and upholstery.

Urus is not far behind

If the Huracán is currently the best-selling model in Lamborghini’s history, The Urus SUV is about to be phased out cousin of the Audi R8. In the summer of 2021, the manufacturer from Sant’Agata Bolognese celebrated the 15,000 Urus produced in just 3 years of work. So it is very likely that in a few years, the latter will be Lamborghini’s best seller, all models together. As for the continuous electrification of the range, it should not upset this very set order, unless the first electric Lamborghini in history brings a surprise.

Posted on 04/21/2022 Updated 04/22/2022