Lamborghini crushed by a truck is announced and found a new owner

Lamborghini crushed by a truck is announced and found a new owner

After an unfortunate accident, after the truck lost its brakes on a street in Beverly Hills, California, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster seen here ended up crushed and completely lost by its owner. The damage to the car is due to the fact that the truck at the time of the accident was carrying around 7,000 kg.

In addition to Lamborghini, Mercedes Maybach and Bentley were hit by the truck, with the English model suffering the most and possibly being declared lost as was the Aventador.

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However, despite all the damage, the Lamborghini recently appeared on the Copart auction site and was snapped up for around US$900,000 (R$4.3 million) – roughly the value of a new model. The price is surprising, since – as you can see – the model had most of its structure destroyed, that is, it will not be able to have a good part of its parts used as spare parts.

For many, however, the real interest lies in the interior of the Aventador, which has been largely intact. According to reports, the car’s odometer read only 451 miles (725 km) on the dashboard at the time of the accident.

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