Lamborghini Countach is washed after 20 years in the barn

Lamborghini Countach is washed after 20 years in the barn

A garaged Lamborghini Countach got its first bath in 20 years recently in an AMMO NYC video. In addition to being clean, the supermodel is also polished and still looks in good shape despite standing, even though she is already 40 years old.

The car ended up being stored for two decades due to the fact that its owner did not have the money to repair it, but refused to sell it. The main problem was the engine, with the owner trying to restore the car’s original V12 configuration.

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It was sold just this year, and the new owner has taken on the project of getting the Countach back on the road. The first step was to clean the model.

Built in 1984, the Lamborghini Countach here is the LP500 S. It debuted in 1982 as a mild update to the LP400 S, which included a revised interior and a larger, more powerful V12 engine. It was enlarged from 3.9 to 4.8 liters and the output increased from 354 to 375 horses.

Check out the example:

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