Lamborghini at Salon Privé and Hampton Court beauty pageants – –

Lamborghini at Salon Privé and Hampton Court beauty pageants – –

Lamborghini welcomed customers and guests to the British Concours d’Elegance in early September 2022: the annual Salon Privé event at Blenheim Palace and the Concours d’Elegance at Hampton Court Palace.

The Lamborghini Huracán Tecnica, announced earlier this year, was displayed on the Lamborghini stand and paraded at Blenheim Palace from August 31 to September 4, 2022. The perfect balance between everyday lifestyle and driving pleasure, the Huracán Tecnica with tint of Arancio Xanto Orange. it was shown alongside its track-focused sibling, the Huracán STO in Grigio Lynx Grey.

VIPs invited to the Salon Privé also paid tribute to the Aventador Ultimae at the show: it is the last Lamborghini V12 expected before the introduction of the Aventador’s successor and other new hybrid models from 2023.

Lamborghini’s guest artist, Paul Oz, has created a special drawing of the Lamborghini logo to impress guests. Working in heavy oil on carbon fiber, the contemporary artist specializing in automotive and motorsport art and sculpture produced the stunning piece, which has already been sold to the owner of a Lamborghini.

On the lawns of the Salon Privé, the specially curated Platinum Collection of cars from the past 70 years in honor of the Queen’s Jubilee, showcased three unique Lamborghini models. The 2010 Lamborghini Reventón Roadster took its place in the 16-car display, one of three right-hand drive units offered among the 15 roadsters available worldwide. Lamborghini announced the top-of-the-line version in 2009, following the first reveal of the 20-unit Reventón coupé in 2007, which was based on the Lamborghini Murciélago chassis and V12 powertrain but with a new fighter jet-inspired exterior design.

Accompanying the Reventón was a 1973 Miura P400 SVJ: chassis #4860 was the fourth and last Miura SV ‘Jota’ to be officially modified by Lamborghini, for Ferruccio Lamborghini’s German friend and racing driver Hubert Hahne, who personally oversaw the construction of his car and unique details including a larger fuel tank and stronger suspension. Following a restoration led by the Lamborghini Polo Storico and a rigorous research and certification process, it received a certificate of historical authenticity from Lamborghini, and the “Hahne Jota” honored in 2020 duringexhibition with Lamborghini Polo Storico at Rétromobile.

The 30th Anniversary Diablo SE, car number 64 of the 150 models built, was delivered to a customer in Austria in 1996, and the titanium-colored Lamborghini was purchased by a British owner.

In London, visitors to the Hampton Court Palace Concours d’Elegance from September 2-4, 2022 saw crowds gather around the Huracán STO displayed in Arancio Xanto Orange. Lamborghini owners parked their current Lamborghini models in special spaces, enjoying the festivities of the park while admiring the 1971 Miura SV and the 1976 Countach LP400 Periscopio in the historic displays.

Photo: Lamborghini