Lamborghini announces the end of combustion engine cars |  cars

Lamborghini announces the end of combustion engine cars | cars


Lamborghini will focus its efforts on developing electric engines

Lamborghini indicates that 2022 will be its last year to offer only petrol cars. This information was revealed by the CEO of the brand, Stephan Winkelmann. The focus will be on electric cars, which will not fail to have a combustion engine, to be hybrids. In addition, there will be a 100% electric model by 2028, according to the manufacturer.

on the agenda of lamborghini
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hybrid. In 2023, it will be the turn of the SUV Russia
. In 2025, in turn Huracan
it will be electrified. Thus, the CEO will have hybrid cars
in its portfolio, before 2025, with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions by at least 50%.

The executive also believes that the brand’s customers are ready for this paradigm shift: “They definitely knew that the hybrid would come. We always said that we don’t need to be the first, but once we entered this world, we would be the best. This is something that we believe will happen .” British Autocar Magazine

Despite that goal, they have already said that the V12 logo is nowhere near its end. Quite the opposite: the successor to the Aventador will get a new V12. Winkelmann told Autocar that a six-cylinder engine – as in Porsche and Audi – is not in the pipeline, as big engines like the V10 and V12 are part of the brand’s heritage and in the company’s DNA.