Lamborghini and Ferrari announce humanitarian donations to Ukraine

Lamborghini and Ferrari announce humanitarian donations to Ukraine

With the war in Ukraine continuing and Russia not withdrawing its troops, the international community continues to take a stand against the views of president Vladmir Putin. The auto industry – which has been affected by the conflict – is following the economic sanctions applied by several countries and halting its activities, whether production or import, in Russia.

Now, two major car companies have taken a stand against the violence in Eastern Europe and are stepping forward to help the affected citizens. In this way, Ferrari and Lamborghini have decided to completely stop all business with Russia. In addition, both will make donations to help Ukrainians in need.


Ferrari has already announced that it will contribute € 1 million (about R$ 5.5 million at current prices). Lamborghini, however, has not yet released figures, but said the aid is being given directly to the United Nations Refugee Agency, a long-time partner of the Volkswagen Group.

In addition, there are no details about the suspension of business with Russia, Lamborghini has only issued a letter expressing his feelings about the whole tragedy.

Automobili Lamborghini is deeply saddened by the events in Ukraine and is watching the situation with great concern. Lamborghini hopes for a quick end to hostilities and a return to diplomacy.”

The decision goes in the same direction as other brands that also announced a boycott of Russia.

Ferrari was more specific in its statement and suspended commercial production of cars for the Russian market until further notice.

“Ferrari stands with everyone in Ukraine affected by this ongoing humanitarian crisis. While we wait for a quick return to dialogue and a peaceful solution, we cannot remain indifferent to the suffering of all those affected. Our thoughts and support go out to them. We are doing our little part together with institutions that bring immediate relief in this situation.”

The financial contribution made by Ferrari “will finance international humanitarian projects in support of Ukraine, as well as local initiatives focused on receiving refugees in the Italian territory”. The manufacturer also said that part of this money will go to Ukrainian refugees who live near Maranello.

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