Lamborghini and Bentley promise to replace the cars damaged on the ship that sank in the Atlantic  Curiosity

Lamborghini and Bentley promise to replace the cars damaged on the ship that sank in the Atlantic Curiosity

In total, 3,965 cars from different brands of Volkswagen Group, which left Germany for the United States, was destroyed in the accident. All crew members were rescued alive.

Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini, said the brand will reissue the 15 units of the farewell special edition Aventador lost in the crash. The copy of the Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae is valued at about 400 thousand pounds (R $ 2.7 million, at direct exchange), that is, the loss of the Italian manufacturer was at least 6 million pounds (R $ 40.3 million).

“We put our heads together and fortunately we were able to replace these vehicles so there is no loss for our American customers due to the sunken ship. This is good news”said Winkelmann, during an interview with British and American journalists.

He also ensured that other lost models, including copies of Russia It is from Huracan, will be redeveloped and handed over to customers. Lamborghini did not report the total number of vehicles damaged in the crash.

Lamborghini Aventador Ultimae will have only 600 units – Photo: Disclosure

Bentley won’t let customers down either. Adrian Hallmark, CEO of the manufacturer, announced that 100 of 189 cars were destroyed will be replaced immediately.

“We have already found 100 solutions that we can quickly return and we will reach others within six months”promised the executive.

Bentley had 189 cars destroyed in an accident with a ship (Photo: Disclosure) — Photo: Auto Esporte

Audi was one of the worst hit brands. The German brand lost about 1,800 cars and went under. He has not yet commented on the replacement of these vehicles.

Earlier this month, Angus Fitton, vice president of public relations for Porsche Cars North America, told the Associated Press that the brand is already there. “it is working to replace all the vehicles affected by this incident, and the first new vehicles will be built soon”.

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