Lady Diana’s Ford Escort RS is selling for crazy money!

Lady Diana’s Ford Escort RS is selling for crazy money!

Silverstone Auctions’ final car auction will have allowed an unnamed buyer to walk away with the late Lady Diana’s hugely overpriced Ford Escort RS.

While some have a passion for souvenir dolls and other imported beer mugs, others set their sights (and their money) on owning celebrity cars. This is the case of This Englishman from Manchester (who wished to remain anonymous), who bought the auction recently during the “Classic Silverstone” sale of the British House. Silverstone AuctionsThe Ford Escort driven at the time, from 1985 to 1988, by Lady Diana..

Crazy saw

The late Princess of Wales’ most expensive car, is a Ford Escort RS Turbo black Mk1 from 1985 1.6 130 horsepower. Ford Escort in excellent condition, for sale with its extensive history file and just over 40,000 on the clock. Ford Escort RS Turbo from Diana Spencer, whose 25th anniversary of her death on August 31, 1997 in Paris will be celebrated. at the age of 36, so it was bought for a paltry £650,000 at no cost, in other words to its new owner, £722,500 including tax, i.e. around €850,000. Finally, for the record, this car was sold at the time… 89,500 francs, or about €13,665!

It has been published 08/29/2022 Updated 08/29/2022