Krack: Aston Martin F1 team moves forward after ‘disastrous’ start to 2022

Krack: Aston Martin F1 team moves forward after ‘disastrous’ start to 2022

Encouragingly, Lance Stroll made Q3 at Zandvoort last weekend, although the Canadian was unable to take part in the final session due to a hydraulic problem. In the race, he had two starts and finished eighth, before finishing 10th.

“I think you can’t deny that if you look at the pace of qualifying here, we’ve made a small step,” Krack said. “But if you also look at the speed of the race and the points we have, we have improved.

“The first three races were a disaster, I think. But we struggled a bit to come back, but we need to score more points than we did. We were able to slip maybe behind Alpine and McLaren.

“I think from time to time we can be in the race for sixth place. But no points for sixth place. [car]. »

Krack said the team must aim for top 10 positions like those achieved in the Dutch GP.

“I mean, it can be more frustrating if you finish 15th,” he said. “Now, obviously, every time we are there, no one from the authorities has a problem.

“Again we have the first six cars finishing, we have two Alpines and a McLaren finishing ahead of Lando. [Norris] and we follow.

“If you remember what I said, we have to be in front of this group. And that’s what we’ve been able to do so far. And we have to continue like this.

“We also went further this time, with credit. I think we can still score in the next race. But it’s no longer good to have only one point. »

Krack thinks the team is doing a good job with the car they currently have.

“I think everyone is really motivated. The general thing is that we give a high level again, next week we go there again, and we have to score. There is a positive spirit in the team, whether at Silverstone or at the circuit. It is not easy against us, if we have same speed car.

“I think our race team is very good in terms of strategy, in terms of tire management, and also in terms of set-up. We also improved the car. I mean, it would be unfair to blame it all on the race team.

“The car has improved over the last few events, obviously. And hopefully we can make it even better. The next race is obviously a bit of an outsider with Monza. But I think where it sits, I think our race team is doing a good job, honestly.

“It also helps us get those grades every time, even if they are disappointing. »