Klaus Busse, famous designer of Maserati

Klaus Busse, famous designer of Maserati

Posted November 15, 2021, 3:19 PM

Last June, you were named a Design Hero at the 2021 Automotive Awards, what inspires you?

We don’t build cars for the purpose of winning prizes, but they can be a great confirmation of the value of our work from the public. We look forward to going beyond our limits, but sometimes you have to know when to stop and give an order. Above all, this prize rewards all the work done by the Maserati design teams. I am not alone in this project, it is the result of a collaboration. This difference is also appreciated because it is a recognition of the work that is not common around the MC20.

How do you combine creativity with technical constraints?

The first thing is mutual respect with the engineering teams in Modena (Maserati’s headquarters city, editor’s note). When I design a car like the MC20, I think first in terms of performance and second in terms of aesthetics. It may seem paradoxical from an architect, but Maserati is all about performance in a good setting. The goal is not to just create something beautiful first and then think about engineering. This is the whole challenge of a supercar: we have to respect its performance more than any other car.

MC20 supercar.© DR

Why did you decide on a career as an automotive designer?

When for the first time I heard the word “design” and understood that I could express an idea in 2D or 3D, it was very interesting. At that time, I did not know that I would become an architect, but I became interested in famous people in the automotive industry such as Gian-Battista Pinin Farina or Marcello Gandini. I realized that a painting can happen inside a car but also become something of pop culture.

Is there a difference in how you approach the design of a Supercar compared to that of an SUV like the Grecale, which comes out in Spring 2022?

There is no difference between a supercar and a more urban car. Both are signed Maserati and respond to the same desire for performance and style. For a large car, we will focus on the driver while for an SUV we will focus more on the driver and his passengers. The volume and proportions change but the way we will build the car is the same.

MC20 supercar.

MC20 supercar.© DR

In 2022, the MC20 will have its own electric version. How did you react to this change?

Obviously, the issue of electrical installation affects the way I design my projects. At Maserati, I was very interested in the issue of noise. For many people, Maserati is the most mysterious sound. However, electric cars are generally quiet. Six years ago, when I arrived in Italy, my team watched a stock video of the Maserati A6GCS (1954), my favorite, and we decided to lower the volume of the video to raise the classical music. Suddenly it became obvious. It was better without the sound. The car became a powerful sculpture. When the tragedy happened, Turin was silent. There were no cars, it was very nice and I realized that the project could be more powerful if the new electric Maserati drove quietly.