Kit dares an electric scooter

Kit dares an electric scooter

While we await the arrival on our market of its electric models, Seat puts its finger in the socket through “Seat Mó”, a subsidiary dedicated to “new mobility” whose range includes two scooters and an electric scooter. It is the last one that has joined the catalogs of Cherifian of Central Cars (CAC), the local importer of the Iberian brand.

Baptized “Mó 125” (in reference to its power equivalent to that of the 125 cm3), the newcomer is actually a “rebadged” version of the S01, a model from the Spanish manufacturer Kimya, a specialist in electric two-wheelers. Seat’s intervention is limited to aesthetic details, completing a sleek yet modern look. In addition to the LED lights, the equipment includes a digital display dashboard, two USB sockets, a key brake and, placed under the wide saddle, a trunk capable of carrying two helmets. A little extra: unlike other heated equipment, the Mó 125 Chair has a reverse gear, mainly used to push the machine’s 155 kg back.

Distance 137 km

The main plate is clearly an electric motor mounted on the rear wheel. Developing a maximum power of 9 kW (12.2 power) and more than 240 Nm of torque, it offers the highest performance of the Mó 125. Between the acceleration of the code and the maximum speed of 95 km per hour, the “e-scooter” of Spain can easily leave the city to venture on the expressways, especially with its 5.6 kWh battery. , autonomy is declared for 137 km (on the WLTP cycle. )

At the end of this course, it is time to supply the Mó 125 Chair with electronics, either by plugging it directly into the mains, or by removing its removable battery, with two wheels and a retractable handle, to recharge at home. In both cases, a delay of 6 to 8 hours is necessary to “fill” the Watts, all managed by a mobile application that shows the load changes in real time.

Offered at 69,000 DH, the Mó 125 Seat is more expensive than the crowd of electric scooters (mainly of Chinese origin) that occupy a large part of the offer in our market, and whose price is around 20,000 DH. The Spaniard however can claim the most careful finish, the richest equipment and above all the highest power and freedom. Information to city dwellers quickly and with assumed “ecological” sensitivity.

July 20, 2022 at 12:32 pm

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