King Charles III’s Aston Martin drives wine and cheese!

King Charles III’s Aston Martin drives wine and cheese!

Did you know? The Aston Martin DB6 car that Charles III, the new King of England, has owned for 52 years following the death of his mother Elizabeth II, uses oil made from English wine and cheese!

In an interview with BBC as an introduction to COP26 who stood up Glasgow at the end of October 2021, whoever succeeds the throne of england following the death ofElizabeth IIat the age of 96, he did this amazing thing confidence about him Aston Martin DB6.

Long term involvement in the weather factorThe old prince returned in kind fat which brings to life the car he received from his mother during his event 21st birthdayin 1970.

Decades later, in 2008, got from the builder of change just use bio-ethanol made by… English white wine and whey cheese !

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An Aston Martin that smells good!

of Prince of Wales had already returned to this anecdote in the columns of Telegram in 2018, explaining that his request was was greeted with skepticism from Aston Martin engineers.

“The engineers said, ‘Oh, this is going to ruin everything,’ He says. “I said, ‘Well, I’m not going to drive the bus,’ so they worked. Today, they agree that it runs better and develops more power with this fuel than with gasoline. It also has a good smell when planting. »

In reality, the fuel used by the DB6 comes from fermentation of sugar and starch vegetable products, which can be made from wine and cheese.

[Article du 12/10/2021, mis à jour au 09/09/2022]

Source: BBC, USA Today