Kimera EVO37: what is the “resurrection” value of the Lancia 037?

Kimera EVO37: what is the “resurrection” value of the Lancia 037?

Kimera EVO37 or how to chat: reimagining the star of the 80s with updated technology and performance.

of returned ? Nothing could be easier to explain: restore and modernize. Obviously, this involves starting from a classic car and giving it the benefit of current technology, while retaining its vintage side. Without rules set in stone. Therefore, the correction can be attributed to engine, chassis, equipment or aesthetics.

As for whether this is a crime, I leave it to anyone who has never dreamed of a Singer to cast the first stone. In the case of the Kimera EVO37, it is a Lancia Beta Montecarlo who serves as a guinea pig.

Luca Bettithe president and founder of the young Italian brand, tells us: “We chose Montecarlo because there are still many models on the second-hand market. » Before going into the details of this open heart surgery: “We put a central cell in which we mount two tubular frames. As for the engine, we completely rebuild it. We practice what is called reverse engineering. »

“We plan the dimensions of the original block and recreate it using modern technologies, such as 3D extensions or rapid prototypes. We followed the same plan with the Lancia Delta S4 engine, with a twin supercharger, a Volumex charger and a turbo. It is very interesting, because it allows to have a constant torque. »

“At low revs, the volumetric compressor blows and then the turbo takes over. During the S4, the technology did not make it possible to manage this double supercharging properly. There was a whole system of valves that made it lose its efficiency. Today, electronic devices allow more accurate tests . When the compressor starts to drop effectively, it is turned off thanks to the controlled clutch and so we open the engine by only allowing the turbo to run. Similarly, when you drop in speed, you hear the reactivation of the compressor which acts like breaking the engine with a characteristic noise. »

Lambo Box

As for gearboxLuca Betti digs evenly on the shelf Audi-Lamborghini : “This is a 6-speed manual transmission from the first Gallardo and Audi R8. It is designed to accept a lot of torque. It is very reliable. »

Together with large 19-inch wheels, tires and modern settings, all these are technical revolutions that leave the boulevard Claudio Lombardi, the former Ferrari engineer called for a rescue, to fix a higher power than before. If Beta Monte Carlo peak 120 hp, target increases to 500 hp (!) for the bar previously set at 1 ton! Ambitious!

So much so that Luca Betti tells us: “With this size and this base, you would have to make a racing car to stay under 1,000 kg. Considering the level of comfort required by our customers, we should be between 1,050 and 1,060 kg. »

Porsche Carrera GT clutch

Our test example exceeds this value, due to its temporary front and rear covers of fiberglass, and not carbon fiber like the rest of the body. of power to weight ratio of this model therefore has little to do with the promised 2 kg / hp, especially since its 4 cylinder, still in the running phase, is far from 500 hp. Rather 350 in perspective. This does not prevent his clever behavior to remember past animals.

About his progress clutchit reminds that of a Porsche Carrera GT : in other words, you need a metal peg to prevent it from getting stuck. Don’t worry, the visible control mechanism of the gearbox and the correct gear locks provide rare happiness.

Emotions are flowing!

internally, we also see a remarkable level of finish and an acceptable driving position, even for a large size. Let’s just say we expected the worst. The yield is the same If it grows? It’s optional, yes, but a refined arrangement of 4 cylinders for our model The test has almost enough to leave us hungry. To be honest, we expected more violence. But there is no regret, because it is raining.

A bad choice for that, especially if Bad wipers and the non-existent visibility encourages you to seek the limits of grip. Fortunately, a few laps in the circuit it allows you to capture the feeling of driving: a healthy base with a short wheelbase and a rear axle that does not need to be asked to pass in front. That said, the lightness is amazing and the car must be put down in a dry place. On the other hand, electric steering is very light. However, emotions flow.

A unique environment

On board, Kimera it plunges you into a unique atmosphere. At the antipodes of the supercharged and refined GTs that give you power at the speed of light without emotion. To put it roughly, it’s kind of a mix between a more lively Donkervoort and a less brutal Pagani. Luca Betti does not hide his Congratulations to Mr. Pagan.

“We use a lot of mass-cut items with CNC technology (computer numerical control). They are pieces of art. It is a perfect technique because it avoids fusion or air problems. It is the same technology used by Horacio Pagani. He is my friend and my teacher. »

28 instructions for 37 examples

Before proceeding and concluding: “With the Kimera EVO37, I wanted to do something completely different. For those who have dreamed of an old car, but do not want to be disappointed to drive it, as usual. This is why we took this approach, which combines modern services with the charm of the period. »

The customer receives it, and 28 strict instructions on a limited edition 37 examples. As for the joy of road homologation, it’s another pair of sleeves. But we are guaranteed that “It is the same principle as the Audi A3 developed by ABT, for example, or the BMW Alpina. The gray card is reprinted with the chassis number of the donor car, but with the name Lancia EVO37 Kimera”.

Kimera EVO37: technical sheet

  • Engine: 4 cylinders. supercharger + turbo
  • Displacement: 2,150 cc
  • Maximum power: 505 hp at 7,000 rpm
  • Maximum torque: 56.1 mkg at 2,000 rpm
  • Transmission: rear wheels, 6 manual gears
  • Gravity/locking control: standard/normal
  • Declared weight: 1,050 kg
  • Power to weight ratio: 2.8 kg / hp
  • L – W – H: 4055 – 1905 – 1200 mm
  • Wheel base: 2520 mm
  • Front and rear tyres: 245/35 R 18 & 295/30 R 19
  • Base price: €648,000
  • Production: limited to 37 examples

Comment by Laurent Chevalier

Special mention goes to the enthusiasm that comes from this achievement and the attention to detail. The project has swallowed the price pill. This model, in braking and with a degraded power, gives a good feeling on the wheel. These will have to be confirmed by a more complete test in the final configuration, in the dry.

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