Killing in Saskatchewan |  The second suspect is dead

Killing in Saskatchewan | The second suspect is dead

Myles Sanderson, the second suspect in a Saskatchewan stabbing, died in hospital following his arrest, RCMP said.

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Delphine Belzile

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Myles Sanderson was arrested on the highway near the town of Rosthern around 3:30 pm local time shortly after a notice was sent through the Saskatchewan Emergency Alert System of a man with a knife driving a stolen Chevrolet Avalanche.

The RCMP’s Operations Communications Center in Saskatchewan has received about 20 calls from members of the public who may have seen Myles Sanderson’s stolen vehicle, RCMP said at a press conference Wednesday evening.

The car was spotted by a police officer, who later confirmed that it was the car they were looking for. At the time of crossing the agency, the Chevrolet was traveling at more than 150 km / h. So the police forced the car off the road as it was a danger to people. The 32-year-old man was arrested and a knife was found in the car.


An RCMP officer is visibly shaken at the scene of Myles Sanderson’s arrest.

Once in custody, Myles Sanderson ran into a “medical crisis,” said Saskatchewan RCMP Commander Rhonda Blackmore. The 32-year-old had to be transported to a Saskatoon hospital. This is where his death was confirmed.

Saskatoon police will conduct an independent investigation into Sanderson’s death. An independent investigator will also be appointed to oversee the police work in this case.

Another suspect, Damien Sanderson, Myles Sanderson’s brother, was found dead near the crime scene on Monday. Police said it was not a suicide. Myles Sanderson was also under investigation for his brother’s death.


Myles Sanderson

Last November, Myles Sanderson violated the terms of his release. In February, the Parole Board, in its decision to release him, found that he did not represent “a serious danger to society”.

Over the past 20 years, Myles Sanderson has been convicted of 59 felonies, including assault, battery, assault on a police officer and robbery.

Help for Saskatchewan

The arrest of Myles Sanderson ended the relentless manhunt. “There is no longer a public safety risk associated with this investigation,” the RCMP tweeted.

Federal Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino expressed his relief Wednesday night in Vancouver to see the killings come to an end, as well as expressing his gratitude to the RCMP.

With the reluctance of the federal police to give specific circumstances of the suspect’s death other than “medical stress”, he said he understood there were “a lot of questions”. He would not reveal if he knew more about the cause of death to avoid “shortening the investigative process” of two independent investigations that will be conducted into the RCMP intervention.

Nine victims from one Cree village

The arrest of Myles Sanderson took place on the same day that the identities of the victims were revealed by police. A knife attack in the Cree Nation area of ​​James Smith and the village of Weldon caused the death of 10 people and injured 18 others last Sunday.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police released on Wednesday the names and photos of the ten people killed, who are between the ages of 23 and 78. According to the police, some were targeted, while others were shot randomly.

At a press conference Wednesday in Saskatoon, Mark Arcand, one of the Cree leaders of Saskatchewan, announced that he has lost his sister, Bonnie Burns, 48, as well as his nephew Gregory, 28.

His sister died outside her home, unsuccessfully trying to protect her son, he said. His other son was stabbed in the neck, but survived. The rest of the Bonnie Burns boys watched the horrific scene helplessly.

Next to him at the press conference was Buggy Burns, completely devastated, his face covered in tears: in the attack, he lost his wife and son.

For the Burns family, like everyone else who has lost a loved one, the next step is now to collect the remains and organize a ceremony to celebrate the deceased’s life. “We still don’t know when this can be done,” continued Mark Arcand.

The damage is so great, healing from it will be a mountain to climb.

Mark Arcand

Relatives of the victims spoke publicly for the first time on Wednesday.

On Facebook, Michael Brett Burns wrote that he had lost several members of his family. “The bodies were lying on the ground, some were dead, others were badly injured by stabbing, they were bleeding. […] It was a war zone. In the eyes of those who were attacked, you could see pain and suffering. »

Myles Sanderson’s mother gave an interview to CBC News. “I want to apologize to my son, my sons. We don’t know the full details, but I want to apologize to everyone who has been hurt and affected by this terrible situation,” he said.

List of victims

  • Thomas Burns, 23, of James Smith
  • Carol Burns, 46, of James Smith
  • Gregory Burns, 28, of James Smith
  • Lydia Gloria Burns, 61, of James Smith
  • Bonnie Burns, 48, of James Smith
  • Earl Burns, 66, of James Smith
  • Lana Head, 49, of James Smith
  • Christian Head, 54, of James Smith
  • Robert Sanderson, 49, of James Smith
  • Wesley Petterson, 78, of Weldon.

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