Kia wins in three categories at the 2022 Automotive and Business Awards

Kia wins in three categories at the 2022 Automotive and Business Awards

The 27e Automotive and Company Award edition held Thursday 30 June; More than 80 models competed and won one of the 12 trophies awarded in the following categories: Heated sedan, electric sedan, hybrid and electrified SUV, organization, electricity consumption …

The cars were tested by 18 juries of car experts. Every year, L’Automobile & L’Entreprise Trophy rewards new cars in every category involved. Procurement and utilization budget, residual value, services, innovations, each have been evaluated by experts from L’Automobile & L’Entreprise and ship managers. At the end of the tests, Kia was heavily evaluated by a panel of experts. The brand received two of the 12 prizes announced by the “Coup de Coeur Constructeur” from a jury.

Thus, Kia won the 2022 Automobile & Company Trophy, in the unit “Favorite Builders”. This award recognizes the brand for its new products and for its commercial services. Kia has been able to adapt its version to meet the needs of automobiles by providing a wide range of Electronic Businesses in a market that is increasingly at the center of the transition to electricity.
The new Kia Sportage wins the L’Automobile & L’Entreprise 2022 trophy in the warm and hybrid SUV category just six months after its launch in France.

Its design and lightweight signature “boomerang”, its beauty and comfort of driving influenced the jury of experts. This is one of the most competitive categories in the L’Automobile & L’Entreprise Cup due to a large number of competitors which represents the largest segment of the automotive market.

New Sportage, according to the new platform “N3”, it is the result of a state-of-the-art technical engineering program focused on Europe to adapt the wheel, dimensions and proportions of this new model to European roads. The Kia Sportage has been carefully designed to meet the new SUV component standards. It combines advanced and modern athletic exterior design with high-quality, high-quality interior and two easily integrated screens that provide state-of-the-art connectivity technologies. The Kia Sportage is available in a 100% electronic range, from a small hybrid to a hybrid that can be charged via a simple hybrid.

Finally, new Kia EV6 100% electronic crossover won the L’Automobile & L’Entreprise 2022 trophy in the electric SUV unit. This L’Automobile & L’Entreprise Award is a continuation of the record number of awards awarded to EV6 since its launch last October, by experts from the international media. With its strong character, high technology, efficiency, long battery life, comfort and comfort of travel, it outperformed its competitors.

The EV6 is the first 100% electric car from a special platform Kia E-GMP, demonstrating the potential of the new International Standard Power Platform. The Kia EV6 offers a completely new style. With distances of up to 528 km in a joint WLTP circuit for a single charge. Advanced 800V charging technology allows the driver to charge the car from 10-80% in just 18 minutes with a very fast charger.