Kia Sportage plug-in hybrid: a nice addition

Kia Sportage plug-in hybrid: a nice addition

Length : 4515 mm

width: 1865 mm

height: 1645 mm

Wheel base: 2680 mm

Boot volume: 540/1750 l

Tank capacity: 42 l

Weight: 1785 kg

Number of seats: 5

Combustion engine: 1.6 liter 4-cylinder in-line 16 s turbo gasoline direct injection

Displacement: 1598 cm3

Power: 180 hp/132 kW

Maximum torque: 265 Nm

Electric motor: 91 hp / 66.9 kW

Torque: 304Nm

Total power: 265 hp

Torque: 350Nm

Top speed: 191 km/h

0 to 100 km: 8”2

Distribution: important

Gearbox: 6-speed automatic

Battery: Li-Ion 13.8kWh

Freedom in electric mode: 70 km

Freedom in electric mode in the city: 78 km

Fuel consumption: 11 l/100 km

C02 emissions: 25g/km

Estimated charging time

– on a 2.3 kW household socket: 5h27

– on a 4.6 kW wall box: 2h44

– on a 7.2 kW wall box: 1h45

Financial power: 10 HP


– The design of the new Sportage, a discovery of beauty that allows its large size to pass (almost) for a gazelle!

– Comfort

– Space on board, multiple storage solutions

– Very good electrical balance

– Luxurious finishes


– The chest has lost a little appetite

– When you run out of juice, the gasoline “bill” flies

– Not given…


36,000> Stations. After customers switch to 100% electric Kias, plug-in hybrid owners now have access to the Kia Charge charging network. In total no less than 36,000 payment points in France and 323,000 in Europe. If you’re out of juice, you’ll have no excuse!


Parking > Car parks have forgotten to follow and adapt to the impressive growth of cars in different places. Those of the last century have often been ineffective. For all those who, one day, had to go through the passenger door (or even through the trunk!) to reach the steering wheel, because of a neighbor who insists a little, here are the details that count. RSPA, available as standard or optional depending on trim, allows the driver, with a simple remote control, to move the Sportage backwards or forwards to access the passenger compartment without difficulty. This parking assistance system can also be used to park the car. More practical! PRICE

€46,490 (from €43,290)