Kia plans to launch 14 new electric vehicles by 2027

Kia plans to launch 14 new electric vehicles by 2027

At an investor presentation held in South Korea, Kia announced plans to electrify its range of vehicles, which will receive 14 electric models by 2027. The Korean brand still aims to reach 4 million annual sales worldwide by 2030, half of which will be electric. ecologically correct.

For this, Kia will undergo a change in its operations and will invest 23 billion US dollars (approximately R$ 117 billion at current prices) so that all electric models are on the market for the specified time. This plan is much bigger than the “Plan S” announced by the manufacturer in 2020. Now, the goal is to become a “provider of sustainable mobility solutions”, based on three main pillars: people, planet and profit.


The CEO of the brand, Song Ho-sung, emphasized that the change is aimed at leaving flammable cars behind and aims to focus on the market where the electric presence is stronger.

We will focus on increasing sales of electric vehicles in four major markets: South Korea, the United States, Europe and China. Areas where the demand for electric vehicles is increasing and regulations are becoming stricter against combustion vehicles.”

A presence in these markets allows for greater flexibility when serving consumers, as well as lower logistics costs.

Kia’s electric plan

The brand intends to launch at least two new battery-powered vehicles per year to complete its lineup by 2027. Among the new models, the manufacturer confirmed two electric pickup trucks, the EV9 SUV, as well as other sedans, hatchbacks, and electric SUVs. which has not yet been launched.

Kia’s plan is based on four goals:

  1. Achieve annual sales of 1.2 million battery-electric models by 2030;
  2. Sell ​​four million copies a year by 2030, half of which are environmentally friendly;
  3. Extending the use of connected car and autonomous driving technology to all new vehicles;
  4. To be number one in the market for purpose-built vehicles.

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