Kia pays customers costs for renewable energy

Kia pays customers costs for renewable energy

Kia recently announced that it is strengthening its commitment to sustainable development by increasing the share of green energy in its European payment network. If Kia is already partnering with IONITY to provide an ecological payment solution on European roads, it is now through the partnership was concluded with Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) that the manufacturer wants to stand out.

With this new partnership, Kia Company wants to assure its customers that their charging activity will be improved with renewable energy.

Practically, it is due to its Kia Charge service that Kia will determine the amount of energy used by its European customers to charge their electric car. The manufacturer will purchase the same amount of megawatt (MWh) hours approved by the “natural guarantee”. On the Kia side, this alternative electricity will come from wind energyand DCS will use these MWH-approved “natural guarantees” to supply the network with a large portion of green energy, which will be used to supply charging stations and other electrical equipment.

An independent organization is responsible for verifying the green origin of each unit of energy produced, measured in MWh, by providing a certificate of origin.

Jason JEONG, President of Kia Europe, said: “By adding more green electricity to the grid, we can increase the share of renewable energy sources in our energy mix. Over time, we aim to become part of a larger network and thus be able to work directly with energy service providers. Alternatively to provide our customers with a 100% green payment infrastructure.And until the combined energy is completely removed from the grid, this step is an important step in the right direction.

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