Kia is turning the front of the Sportage into a barbecue in Porto Alegre

Kia is turning the front of the Sportage into a barbecue in Porto Alegre

Kia Sun Motors in Porto Alegre designs and opens a dealer lounge for the display of brand cars and motorcycles converted into furniture for the space. Landscape decorations were collected from used parts and materials that would be discarded.

According to the brand director, Juliana Fürstenau, for Jornal O Sul, the idea was to give a new use to the pieces “We worked on the painting and restoration with the designer Andréia Tavares and the locksmith”. There is a Sportage in the living room and the front of the car has been converted into a grill. In addition, the employee has a Poa Streaming studio and there was a need for a place to receive the guests of the show.

In addition to the barbecue, the space has a pool table, card table and support furniture.

The position opened at an event in early April

The lounge, which opened in April, was designed to be a space for car lovers “The proposal is that it be a place to live together, for entertainment for motorcycle groups, vintage car groups, cars, collectors can come here and have space. have a barbecue, play pool, play cards”, highlights Jeferson Fürstenau, director of Kia Sun Motors.

Apart from opening a lounge, the dealer also started selling Suzuki cars. “We decided to bring it here, where we have the first showroom for Kia and Suzuki motorcycles”, says Jeferson.

For those interested in visiting the new Kia Sun Motor showroom and showroom, the dealership is located at Av. Ceará, number 370, in the neighborhood of São João, in Porto Alegre. The sale is open from 8 am to 8 pm. If you want to know a place in the group, just make an appointment by calling 33 82 16 00.