Kia is investing in an ocean cleanup project

Kia is investing in an ocean cleanup project

Carmaker will support the work of the Dutch NGO The Ocean Cleanup financially and logistically

Kia announced on Wednesday, the 25th, a seven-year partnership with the non-profit organization The Ocean Cleanup. The South Korean carmaker will financially support ocean and river cleanup projects, as well as provide equipment for innovation and four electric vehicles to the company’s headquarters in the Netherlands.

Ocean Cleanup develops technologies to control the flow of plastic into the ocean, keeping the material out of rivers. In addition to developing large systems for the regular removal of plastic already accumulated in the oceans around the world and prevent this material from returning to the environment.

Ocean cleanup will “distribute” Kia

As an international partner, Kia will contribute funding, in-kind materials to support ocean clean-up activities and the construction of river clean-up facilities. The brand will also supply its electric vehicles, one EV6 and three Niro EVs – SUV that will be launched in Brazil in hybrid version this year.

In turn, the Dutch organization will provide reusable parts of the collected plastic to the carmaker, which plans to increase its use of recycled materials to 20% by 2030.

Last year, Kia presented the aforementioned Niro, in which sustainable materials from recycled wallpaper, eucalyptus leaves and watercolor were used. In a press release, the manufacturer says it plans to expand the use of environmentally friendly materials throughout the car, including a plan to end the use of leather in all its vehicles.