Kia EV6 GT test: the future of grand touring?

Kia EV6 GT test: the future of grand touring?

The more powerful EV6 version draws on the elements of the high-performance, long-range car of tomorrow.

Yes, the EV6 is not a Grand Tourer in the usual sense of the word. The ferry made in korea it’s a far cry from the luxury V12 coupés made by Aston Martin or Ferrari. He bears more and Tesla Model Y Performance and other Ford Mustang Mach-E GTs. This trio intends to redefine sportsmanship in the electronic world. And this most powerful version of the European car of the year is distinguished by a looking fierce, reinforced with a special shieldneon green calipers in enlarged discs (+40mm front, +20mm rear) and quarter Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S mounted on 21-inch rims. In the passenger compartment, we are amazed by the inserts, high buttons and bucket seats .

Technical paper opinion statistics. Count 3.5 seconds to reach 100 km/h and a total power of 585 hp. A first for Kia with values ​​close to those of the Nissan GT-R, Ferrari Roma or Aston Martin DB11… On the winding circuit near Stockholm (Sweden), our first reaction was surprise. . Kia gets clear easier to peak than the bulk of its battery-powered crossover suggests (2200 kg).

When braking, the feeling of the pedal is more natural than with its partners. Variable but telegraphed information is too weak, the electric power steering remains more street than sport. But in the curve, lThe electronics are located in the wand, transmitting torque to the outer wheels and providing incredible efficiency. Two permanent magnet synchronous motors – capable of turning at 21,000 rpm – provide rare traction when cornering.

Be careful not to get caught up in GT mode, which offers a lot of latitude for experimentation. The machine even produces a surprising effect drifting : to activate it, turn off the ESP and pull the two “regen” paddles behind the steering wheel. Only the rear engine works until you place the wheels directly at the end of your figure.

=> A “normal” test of the Kia EV6

=> Kia EV4: EV6’s little brother is coming

Once on the road, this the sports crossover remains an equally polite partner to the “basic” EV6. Among the assets, we see generous rear seats, a 480 liter rear trunk and very rich standard equipment, ranging from a panoramic roof to an induction phone charger. Only the heat pump and 230 volt outlet are listed on the options sheet. The modern layout and 12.3-inch screens provide a more modern but less exclusive image than the regular GTs. In this regard, we just hate the long loading times of the navigation functions…

At the wheel, you feel very comfortable thanks to a good looks despite a driving position more worthy of a sedan than an SUV. The support of the tub is excellent, but the hard seat will tire the more sensitive lower back. Your column will still be grateful good moisture quality (McPherson front, multi-link rear) and its electronic control. No diving under the stop, little heel in turns, no juicy hit on your back on the driest coating. All this is under complete control.

Photo: Thomas Antoine

In fact, the range is limited to 350 “real” kilometers, but The charging power on the fast terminal is amazing (239 kW peak). This makes it possible to consider stops of more than a quarter of an hour for frequent long journeys. Add a ratio of 125 euros per horse, it is impossible to maintain with a warm car. Isn’t this the recipe for tomorrow’s mass tourism?


Efficient, aggressive and capable of covering the distance, the most powerful EV6 can claim the title of GT… even if this changes with electrification.

We like

  • Impressive efficiency
  • Supply of equipment
  • Quick Recharge

We like a little

  • Heavy weight
  • The price of salt
  • Lack of uniqueness


Kia EV6 GT
From €72,990
Tested version: €72,990
Manufacturer consumption / test time (kWh/100 km): 20.6 / 21.3
Freedom manufacturer / test time (km): 424 / 350
CO2 (g/km) / bonus (€): 0 / 0
Financial horsepower (CV): 11
Country of manufacture: South Korea
Warranty: 7 years / 150,000 km

Range offered:
Electric, from 229 to 585 hp, from €47,990 to €72,990

Technical paper

Motors: electric, permanent magnet matching (front/rear)
Transmission: key, 1 gear reduction + reverse gear
Power (kW/hp): 270/367 (rear) + 160/217 (rear)
Maximum power (kW/hp): 430/585
Torque (Nm): 740
Battery: lithium ion polymer
Total capacity (kWh): 77.4
Charging time: 18 minutes from 10 to 80% on the fast terminal (350 kW), 7h20 from 10 to
100% in the wall box (11 kW) and 32h45 from 10 to 100% in the socket
High charging power. (kW): 239
Curb weight (kg): 2,200
Height.xwidth.xhigh. (m): 4.69 x 1.89 x 1.54
Wheelbase (m): 2.90
Turning circle (m): 11.94
0 to 100 km/h (s): 3.5
Top speed (km/h): 260
Standard tires: 255/40 ZR21
Test tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S

Chest for 5/2 hours (/l): 480 to 1,260 + 20 (AV)


Heat pump and 220V socket: €1,400


  • Ford Mustang Mach-E GT, 487 hp, from €86,100
  • Tesla Model Y performance, 490 hp, from €69,990

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