Kia confirms the launch of 4 more cars in Brazil in 2022

Kia confirms the launch of 4 more cars in Brazil in 2022

The hybrid Kia Sportage, with an electric motor and another combustion engine, adds up to a combined power of 230 hp (Credit: Disclosure/Kia)

After announcing the Stonic hybrid SUV, the CEO of Kia in Brazil, José Luiz Gandini, revealed that the brand will launch 4 more vehicles in 2022. These are the Sportage, Seltos, EV6 and Niro.

According to UOL, the EV6, the Asian automaker’s first electric model, is expected to arrive in Brazil in May 2022. The car has a rear-wheel drive option (230 hp and 35.6 mkgf) and a four-wheel drive option ( 235 hp and 61.6 mkgf). Driving distance is 520 km on one charge.

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Sportage and Niro will be offered in Brazil in hybrid versions. The first has a 180 hp 1.6-liter turbo engine and an electric one that produces 44.2 kW. The combined output power is 230 hp.

The Niro, which is in its second generation, will be unveiled this weekend at the Seoul Motor Show.

Finally, the Selto uses the same platform as the Hyundai Creta. In Asia, the organization has a 1.6 turbo engine with 180 hp or a 2.0 engine with 150 hp.