Kawasaki Z 650 RS: A retro bike with successful genes

Kawasaki Z 650 RS: A retro bike with successful genes

The Kawasaki Z 650 RS offers good driving dynamics.
© Kawasaki

Kawasaki launches the RS version of the Z 650. The standard bike from Japner leaves a solid impression in the experiment.

The Kawasaki Z 900 RS, which appeared in 2018, has proven to be a popular figure and has helped the Japanese brand gain many new customers. The four-cylinder motorcycle from the “Modern Classics” group has been among the 50 best-selling motorcycles in Germany every year since then.

Now Kawasaki expands its range in this section by adding 650 prepared according to the same recipe for the 900 side. The RS version based on the Kawasaki Z 650, which has been very successful in Germany for many years, has only minor technical differences, but looks completely different , i.e. in the 1970s style. The new model is available from 8,345 euros.

A strong twin cylinder

The newly built Z 650 RS closes the gap in Kawasaki. From a technical point of view, an old school bike and smart clothing offer everything that the Z 650 also offers. First and foremost powerful, 649 cc dual-cylinder in-line engine.

It is a cooled liquid and corresponds to the current state of the art in every detail. The 68 hp engine has long proven its durability. Also power development – maximum torque of 64 Nm is at 6,700 rpm. available – can be seen. The throttle response is sensitive, which is why no driving modes are required. There are no disturbing vibrations in normal life, because the Z 650 RS, which comes without any kind of wind protection, is not designed for full continuous throttle – 191 km / h is possible however.

Consumption 4.3 liters

The consumption rate of 4.3 liters per 100 km is also modern; With a 12-liter tank, 200 miles is always possible before the reserve lamp warns you to refuel. Wisely, the manufacturer also provides this model in a version of the power reduction for A2 driving license holders; the difference from 48 hp is still 176 km / h fast, but according to the standard requirements of 0.2 liters more gasoline per 100 km. Otherwise there are no technical differences.

Driving the Z 650 RS is a game. Thanks to a very comfortable seating position – both seats and handles are elevated above the base model – all driving maneuvers are very simple: a little pressure on the weld holders is wide enough for the right steering wheel, and corner stability goes away. there is nothing desirable in this car unit.

Only pre-loading can be changed

The only thing that can be fixed on the chassis is the initial loading of the hidden, dormant pin, but due to the well-chosen basic structure, the handles are always good. Roads with ridges only push the springs and their streams.

Just as the exhaust system installed under the engine is for driving characteristics, it is not really fashionable on the other hand. Because in the 1970s and 80s there was no such muffler construction; At that time, flat exhaust systems with one or two pipes were common.

For the Z 650 RS, Kawasaki did not make the effort required to make the change; According to the manufacturer, it would have exceeded the inventory. After all, it was decided to use a very good aluminum wheels that also transforms the Z900RS sister model. The wheels simply reveal their perfect beauty and golden color, which is preserved in the color version of “Emerald Green”; in two other versions of the color (black or gray / black), the wheels are also black.

front differences

RS offers everything that the Z 650 has to offer. Photo: Kawasaki

The main difference between the base version and the RS is not only in the sitting position and silhouette, but also in the front of the car. Instead of an aggressive front mask, the RS has a standard round lamp; it has light emitting diodes and is therefore technically sophisticated.

This also applies to turning on signals and rear lights. There are also differences in equipment placement: Considering the overall style of the bike, the RS has two round clocks in which their dials are stored and are therefore easy to read. A small LC display in the middle shows everything that is important apart from the speed and speed of the engine. Round rear view mirrors are also installed to match the design of the pilot room.

Aside from the exhaust system, Kawasaki has transformed everything needed to turn the very popular Z 650 into a solid version of the old school with the elegant RS abstraction. If you have about 8500 euros you have and are looking for a regular bike that is easy to handle for every day and all purposes, you will now get an offer in Kawasaki. (SP-X)

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