Julien Fébreau will also drive Formula 1 thanks to Alpine

Julien Fébreau will also drive Formula 1 thanks to Alpine

Jacques Villeneuve will put crampons again, or rather put a combination with a helmet to his great joy. Alpine and Canal+ are jointly organizing a special day in Monza this Wednesday, September 14. Several people, including Stéphane de Groodt too, will have the opportunity to test the Frenchman sitting in the same seat and if we already know the names of de Groodt and Villeneuve, Julien Fébreau he also confirmed it on his social networks yesterday.

In F1 commentary since 2013 with the arrival of Canal+ as the official broadcaster in France, the duo Julien Fébreau – Jacques Villeneuve brings F1 to life as seriously and as close to reality as possible to the audience gathered in front of each Grand Prix.

Jacques Villeneuve, who won the title 25 years ago in Williams-Renault, was invited to a test session at Monza’s emblematic track. “It happened thanks to the relationship with Canal+, the French team and French television, and I won 25 years ago with Renault”Jacques Villeneuve told Motorsport.com.

Of course he will be accompanied by his lifelong partner at the Canal+ microphone, Julien Fébreau. In the end, it is different pairs of hands that are announced. Although he is a rally or circuit driver in his spare time (Mitjet, GT prototypes, Andros Trophy, etc.), the journalist knows the difficulties of driving a single seater. “It is a very difficult project to carry out, because the car is neither restricted nor supported. » he says on Twitter. “He’s ready to run!” Needless to say, I am currently going through several stages of preparation to get the final green light from the Alpine F1 Team! ».

Fascinated by this event, Julien Fébreau shared his joy on the small social network of the bird: “I am very happy to confirm that Jacques Villeneuve and I will have the great opportunity to sit on the Alpine A521 that won last year in Hungary in the hands of Esteban Ocon! Jacques drive it… I drive it! All these amazing experiences, I will share with you soon in the original series that you will find on all our Canal+ digital platforms and of course on our regular antennas! ».

We are looking forward to going behind the scenes of the show, which will allow many fans to immerse themselves further into the world of F1.