Journal of Saint-François |  Porsche is developing a high-performance hydrogen engine

Journal of Saint-François | Porsche is developing a high-performance hydrogen engine

Like all car manufacturers, Porsche is betting on electricity for the future of its products, but does not want to abandon what has always made its reputation, internal combustion engines. Porsche has been working for several years on a synthetic fuel that can reduce GHG emissions by 90%. Porsche has also announced a performance engine that will burn hydrogen instead of gasoline. By burning hydrogen, carbon emissions are reduced to zero.

An old idea improved

Several car manufacturers, including BMW, have been testing hydrogen models since 2006. Toyota is also building hydrogen models in Japan. There are still obstacles in achieving a clean and efficient hydrogen vehicle. In addition to the lack of sufficient supply of hydrogen, hydrogen should be produced without emissions, using renewable energy to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, which Porsche is also investigating in the field of synthetic fuel. It is also difficult to compare the power of a gas engine, as hydrogen is less powerful than gasoline in developing performance.

Porsche may have found a solution

Porsche is testing, in online mode, a version of its old 4.4-liter V8 designed to work with a higher compression ratio and a new turbocharging system. According to the automaker, for clean hydrogen combustion, turbos need to deliver roughly twice the amount of air they deliver to gas engines. Important is the unique two-stage compressor arrangement, which is driven by the exhaust or auxiliary electric motor. Air basically passes through the first compressor, is cooled inside, and then recompressed in the second stage. According to Porsche, the hydrogen engine develops 590 horsepower, which is the same as the output of the original gasoline version.

You will have to be patient

The automaker said the goal of the project is to explore the technical potential of the technology and expand the capabilities of existing engineering tools so that a hydrogen engine is ready if needed. It’s not tomorrow, but Porsche and other automakers will find a clean solution that doesn’t involve batteries in the not too distant future.

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