Joaquim Teixeira: “Caramulo is another final we must win”

Joaquim Teixeira: “Caramulo is another final we must win”

There is no doubt about the objective and the goal: Joaquim Teixeira is looking for victory in the Touring Division at the 31st caramulo ramp, knowing that only victory maintains and strengthens his national championship aspirations.

One more victory in his history regarding the 2nd Touring Division has already been settled. Therefore, the pilot and the team put all their efforts into the “battle” of the unit. So far, Joaquim Teixeira has led the Cupra TCR to two wins and four second places, just 10 points off the lead, with Caramulo and Boticas to go.

Only victory in the Targa Clube competition will allow “Demolidor de Trás-os-Montes” to maintain “all the conditions to fight for the title until Boticas. The loss of Caramulo will make that goal almost impossible.

The motivation is great, but the external factor of the driver and the team may affect his performance this weekend, since “the logistical problems that the war has caused worldwide, make it difficult to get new tires for approval. We are doing everything to achieve them, because this is something very important for us to have a chance to fight for justice”.

In any case, Joaquim Teixeira promises that “we will put everything on the line and we will fight with all our strength until the end, because the sponsors and the team deserve me to give my best. The work of the JT59/Bompiso Racing Team has been great to have Cupra in good mood all the time”.

In terms of the 31 competition program of Rampa do Caramulo, Saturday will start at 2 pm and will include three climbs, two official practice sessions and race 1. On Sunday, the preparatory session will open hostilities at 11:00 am, and followed by the only official training ride planned for this second day. Later and, predictably, from 1.30pm onwards, the two official final stages of the race will take place, each time decisive for the outcome of the race.