Jeep Reveals Canadian Price For Its 2022 Grand Cherokee |  Vehicle News

Jeep Reveals Canadian Price For Its 2022 Grand Cherokee | Vehicle News

A few days ago, the Jeep launched a new generation of one of its most popular models, the Grand Cherokee. The model was not a big surprise for us, because the last elongated version was released last January, showing simultaneously the new signature and new design of this important product for the brand.

Today, the Canadian company division announced the 2022 price range, at least of the models that will be released from the beginning (we see the absence of a few players, including the Trackhawk version).

Of course, what’s interesting is the improvements made to the Trailhawk version, as well as the arrival of the new 4xe variant. This, which provides a 40-kilometer power line, will provide something interesting with this car., 100% online, buy your car, buy online and we bring you to Quebec!

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee, from above

With regard to the prices of the 2022 models, we see an increase in the range, but they are pronounced more at the beginning of the column than in the higher spheres of leadership. For example, with the Laredo entry level model, there is an increase of around $ 2,000 with prices rising from $ 49,565 to $ 51,545. Ditto for the Limited model, which sees its note rise from $ 57,565 to $ 59,045.

For the Overland variant, the new offer is $ 68,045. He was $ 20 more last year. As for the Conference model, it saw its price go up by $ 480.

Here is a list of prices shared by Jeep. Note that in the case of the Altitude and Summit Reserve models, we are talking about the sets added to the preceding model in the family. Also note that for all prices shown, you must add the extra travel and preparation costs, set here for $ 2,095.

And don’t look for prices for hybrid models of 4xe plug-ins; news is coming about for them.

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee, interior

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee, interior

Price list

.. Price of V6 Price of V8
Grand Cherokee Laredo $ 51,545
Height of Grand Cherokee $ 55,040
Grand Cherokee Limited $ 59,045
Grand Cherokee Trailhawk $ 63,645 $ 67,140
Grand Cherokee Overland $ 68,045 $ 71,540
Cherokee General Assembly $ 73,545 $ 77,040
Grand Cherokee Conference Center $ 78,040 $ 81,535

2022 photos of Jeep Grand Cherokee