Jeep Renegade E-Hybrid: Not so light

Jeep Renegade E-Hybrid: Not so light

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Jeep is launching a new 48-volt hybrid system, commonly referred to as “mild” or “internal” because of its legendary contribution. But not here…

By Stephane Wamat

This 48V system from Jeep (which will also soon be available in Fiat and Alfa) is actually a world first. In summary, such a light hybrid generally adds a very small battery to the machines and, above all, an “alternator-starter” that reduces the gasoline engine’s operation of certain electrical devices, or even helps it in starting or. speed up.

Here, engineers have added a 20-horsepower electric motor inside a seven-speed automatic transmission. So much so that this is the first ever hybrid capable of driving the car 100% electric in most situations, just like a conventional hybrid.

It was in the Armed Forces that we got to know this system, which is also offered in the Compass. We will let our expert talk you through the intake to consider what it brings in terms of pleasure. Because, in fact, despite the simplicity of the battery, the electric assistance is very often, in traffic jams or at (low) enhanced speed for example.


Situations where we take advantage of the smoothness of operation and the silence… This light combination brings a real advantage in terms of times. Obviously, thanks to the electrification, the petrol engine shows flexibility and flexibility to compete with any big diesel. This quality is most welcome in traffic, when trying to sneak past, and even more so on a course that makes you want to play hard. The Renegade e-Hybrid isn’t a rocket, really, but its response is very pleasing.

Finally, a few words about the Renegade itself, which we have never told you about here. First of all, it’s a surprisingly capable car for its size, and one whose looks reflect its personality. Its mini-Wrangler influence is confirmed at the wheel, in the sense that the atmosphere on board is a little “raw” than in the bourgeois Compass. The same goes for emotions, which fortunately do not go away from discomfort. The Jeep Renegade e-Hybrid starts at 30,330 euros including VAT.


Lamarche family opinion

“We know the Renegade well, as it was on our options list a few years ago when we bought our second car. In fact, we were more impressed with its looks, interior space and usable trunk than its official capacity (368 litres) suggests . But we had not kept it because of its plastics that are a little raw, in particular. Today, we see that this has changed: a big development in this direction! And this small hybrid system is very interesting in terms of efficiency and pleasure. It’s just a pity that The model bar of 30,000 euros has been exceeded. But considering the price of fuel these days, if the difference in consumption is a mark, it is worth counting. »


Eco-driving expert opinion

Interestingly, this 48V system. Basically, it’s as good as Toyota’s “full hybrid” system of a generation or two ago, but with simpler and cheaper solutions. Good game! His strength? Motor electric, of course, but above all regeneration efficiency, which almost always allows you to have a good battery level.

General: on a completely mixed route (city, national, highway) and even including non-wormed aids, we noted an average of 5.7 l / 100 km, which is the official WLTP figure. And for the record, this is the type of car that, with a good sense of anticipation, uses less in the city than elsewhere. Hats off to the engineers!

Technical data

L/w/h (mm): 4,404 / 1,819 / 1,629 – 5 seats – 1,505 kg 4 cylinders. 1.5 l petrol hybrid light – Power: 130 (+20) hp – Torque: 240 (+132) Nm consumption – WLTP: 5.7 l/100 km – WLTP CO2: 129 g/km – Price: euro 30,330 VAT