Jeep Renegade 2022: the best and worst SUV leader has to offer – 04/11/2022

Jeep Renegade 2022: the best and worst SUV leader has to offer – 04/11/2022

When the Jeep Compass arrived on the 2022 lineup, the brand solved practically all the faults that the model had until the 2021 model. Earlier this year, it was time for the Renegade to receive an important update. The best-selling SUV in Brazil last year changed a lot, but retained a more aggressive character than its big brother.

The 2022 Renegade lost the diesel engine, leaving cheaper 4×4 versions. Now, the 4×2 and all-wheel drive options come with the 185 hp 1.3 turbo flex.

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If this was an advantage in the list price of the 4×4 versions, the 4×2 ones were more expensive. Now, the cheapest one is close to R$130,000. The rise is not only the result of the arrival of a more powerful engine.

It also aims to make room in the core segment of Fiat’s Pulse, which, like Jeep, is part of the Stellantis Group. In other words: strategy. However, all versions of the Renegade are now well equipped.

And speaking of versions, there was a simplification in the range. Initially, Renegade had several configurations. Now there are only two 4x2s and two 4x4s.

It is a consensus that the Renegade is one of the best compact SUVs in Brazil, and its sales numbers are there to reflect this preference. Talking about its advantages, which we will do later, is easy.

But what are the worst things about the new Renegade 2022? Here’s a spoiler: nothing too big. However, as with almost any car, there are some limitations.

Negative points

To list the bad things about the Soldier in order of priority, the absence of a rear weather station on all versions is the most important step. Many will argue that some competitors do not, which is true – although some do.

However, compact SUVs are becoming more expensive, and the Renegade already reaches around R $ 180,000 in the top-of-the-line option. It was Jeep’s fault for not taking advantage of the repair and replacement to fix this defect. It wasn’t difficult. The platform allows this solution, as Compass, which uses the same base, offers.

But wouldn’t consumption be the most important step? In fact, I didn’t get a good average with the S version, which is 4×4 and uses a nine-speed automatic transmission. With ethanol, in the city, they were between 6.4 and 7 km / l.

Can it improve? Maybe. But I think the main problem here was consumer expectations. The old naturally aspirated 1.8 engine had such a criticized performance that many expected better numbers with the modern 1.3 turbo.

And that average improved, but not much. But with the 1.8, the Renegade had lightness problems. With the 1.3 turbo, it is a candidate for the fastest SUV in Brazil.

Performance has its price. It’s not fair to expect a 1.0 entry experience in a car that drives like a first car. Those who want an economical SUV will find a good choice in models with low performance: Creta, Nivus, Tracker and T-Cross 1.0 turbo, as well as Kicks 1.6.

The finish is above average for the segment, but the steering column has some padding near the start button. Another negative is the lower interior space than the main competitors.

Fixing this issue was more difficult on the 2022 lineup, as there were no changes to the design, only styling, engine and technology updates. Even for that reason, a good multimedia center attracts attention.

There have been updates to the operating system – read below. However, Jeep kept the frame the same as before. In other models of the platform, there were changes.

The Toro is now upright, like a Volvo. The Compass is suspended and gives the impression of being larger. In fact, the Pulse, more simple, brings the same solution as the Jeep mid-size SUV.

By keeping the same look and feel of the Renegade, the brand missed an opportunity to give the interior a more modern look. The cabin, by the way, was the same as before – when the Compass brought very extensive updates.


Renegade’s emphasis in the compact SUV segment, even in the 4×2 version, is handling and comfort. The car has independent suspension on all four wheels. It is the only one in its category with this feature. Others use a torsion shaft in the back.

That part contributes to the Renegade’s smooth ride, which absorbs pedaling imperfections very well. This does not hurt the dynamics: the body is stable in all situations and the steering response is correct.

Now, these great features are combined with the ability to accelerate. I won’t say that the Renegade’s performance is amazing, as it is expected for a car with 185 hp and 27.5 mkgf at low rpm. In practice, the SUV became very fast, passing safety in crossing and passing without suffering through steep slopes.

Another good thing – and unique in the category – of the 2021 range that was retained in 2022 is the electric parking brake. In the case of multimedia, if the format has not changed, the operating system is different.

This model has the same features as the Compass, including a good-looking rear camera and onboard Wi-Fi. Another highlight is the native map with compression function and traffic information integration.

Here, just one but. It may have been a problem with the model reviewed, but I found the map slower to load than in Compass. Multimedia also brings the possibility of personalization. The driver can add several pages with the information he prefers.

The instrument panel is standard, which is nothing new in the segment, but it’s still a good move. Of the four versions, only the Sport does not have this feature – and this is the best news. Other highlights are the air conditioner with two heating zones and the cup holder, which adapts to different types of bottles and cans.

And the trunk?

The Renegade trunk has always caused controversy and strong criticism over the years. The truth, however, is that he is not as young as he is said to be. The revealed capacity in this 2022 line is 385 liters, compared to 320 liters of the 2021 range.

What has changed, however, is the measurement method, something that the Stellantis Group has been doing with all its upgraded cars. In practice, the capacity of the compartment is the same as before. And it was already improved a few lines ago, when Jeep began to adopt in many versions a temporary temporary tire, instead of the fifth wheel.

In my test, I was able to fit all the luggage that I always carry in other compact SUVs: two medium suits, weighing 23 kg, two small ones, weighing 15 kg, and a backpack. Compartment Renegade has proven to be better than Tracker and Pulse, to name a few of the most important models in the category.

He is similar to Nivus. Compared to the T-Cross, it is suitable for similar loads, but there is a little less space. Kicks, Crete, HR-V and Captur are better, but not by much. The only one that is better than the Jeep is the Duster.

So I didn’t put the stem between the negatives. In practice, he is at the center of society.

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