Jeep Renegade 2022: 5 reasons to buy and 5 reasons not to |  Market

Jeep Renegade 2022: 5 reasons to buy and 5 reasons not to | Market

The Renegade is the best-selling SUV in Brazil. But Jeep did not “sit” on success and developed a new cycle of model changes. In 2018 he had already been reformed. Now, along with other repairs in the design, the brand has made a series of changes to the engine.

What? four editions, priced between R$123,990 and R$163,290. See here for a list of options, materials and values.

THE the best selling version has to be the Longitude, of R$ 138,990. Therefore, it will be shown in this list, which brings five reasons to buy and another five reasons to run.

Until the previous example, this topic would definitely be on the list of reasons to run away from the Rebel. In the 2022 lineup, Jeep replaced the old 139 hp and 19.2 kgfm 1.8-liter engine with an all-new 185 and 27.5 kgfm 1.3-liter turbo.

Jeep replaced the expected 1.8 with a 1.3 turbo on the 2022 Renegade – Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

It should be noted that 1.8 is no longer offered by not meeting new emission and noise standards. That said, it’s time to compare the two engines. In track tests, the new Renegade was 4.1 seconds faster than the old one acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h: 8.6 s against 12.7.

This makes it lighter than its direct rivals: Chevrolet Tracker, Hyundai Creta, Volkswagen T-Cross and Nissan Kicks. It is second only to the French duo Peugeot 2008 and Citroën C4 Cactus.

Jeep Renegade 2022 is lighter – Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

If this was already a good step when the Renegade had a 1.8 engine, it was only strengthened by a 1.3 turbo, also used in the Compass, Commander and Fiat Toro. because the smallest and lightest of these, the a rebel is what motivates the driver the most.

In the compact SUV segment, Jeep it stands out with its multilink rear suspension, more refined than the torsion axis architecture, and for direct and precise operation. It is one of the category references.

3- Safety equipment

In the 2022 lineup, the Renegade leaves the factory with six airbags, an electric parking brake and a series of driving aids. Among the new things, show to automatic emergency stopfatigue detector, lane departure warning with steering adjustment and traffic sign recognition.

The most complete version even offers autonomous parking and a knee airbag for the driver.

Headlights have redesigned the lens on the 2022 Jeep Renegade — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

Owner of a unique style, Renegade has the same basic lines since the launch in 2016. Even six years on the road does not seem to have tired the citizens of the crate design.

And Jeep knew how to explore its history through several “easter eggs” widespread in body work. The silhouette of seven bars with round lights is present on the interior glass cover, the lamp lens mentions the old fuel gallon and the inscription Jeep 1941 is visible on the central part of the arms in low relief.

The headlights of the 2022 Jeep Renegade no longer have a rounded top – Photo: Disclosure

after The EcoSport was discontinued and the Duster lost its 2.0 engine, the Renegade is the only best-selling compact SUV with a 4×4 drive option. But the four-wheel versions have also changed.

O 2.0 turbodiesel engine of 170 hp and 35.7 kgfm leaves the scene. It was replaced by the same 1.3 turbo as the 4×4 versions. The difference, as well as a kit that includes a differential and a cardan, includes a nine-speed automatic transmission instead of a six-speed gearbox.

To have the Renegade 4×4 you need to jump from the Longitude to the S Series, as well as invest an additional R $ 24,300.

Jeep Renegade Trailhawk continues the 4×4 appeal, but with a 1.3 engine – Photo: Disclosure

That’s one a problem that was partially solved. Renegade 1.3 is more economical. But it is still far from being a memory when it comes to usage. According to Inmetro, when fueled with ethanol, it does 7.7 km/l in the city and 9.1 km/l on the highway. And gasoline, the index is, respectively, 11 km/l and 12.8 km/l.

Better than the old 1.8, but still not much for a high-tech engine. According to Stellantis, performance was one of the priorities.

Interior space is not the best in the Jeep Renegade — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

This topic and the next one should only have solutions and the coming of a new generation, which should take some time to happen. So, if interior space is an important issue, you may be better off getting another small SUV.

At 2.57 m, the wheelbase of the Renegade is Only 1 cm larger than the Volkswagen Nivus. In comparison with T-Cross, from the same brand, is 8 cm lower. It also loses to the Hyundai Creta and draws with the Chevrolet Tracker. At least the headroom, given the shape of the body, is very good.

The trunk of the Jeep Renegade 2022 kept the sound – Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

From 2021 to 2022, the Renegade’s trunk went from 320 liters to 385 liters. In practice, however, compartment looks the same. And it is. What has changed is the method Jeep uses to measure sound, as it already did with the Compass.

Now, it is like someone who “fills” a room and measures how much liquid has entered. Initially, the scale used rectangular blocks.

Finally, the room of a rebel is lower than most of the competition. Again, it loses to Hyundai Creta, Nissan Kicks, Volkswagen T-Cross and Chevrolet Tracker.

Jeep Renegade 2022 — Photo: Murilo Góes/Autoesporte

As mentioned earlier, version The Longitude is loaded with safety features. But it slips when resources are diverted towards comfort. Although it costs around $140,000, it has no access to private key or key start. Evening and rain sensors are not even offered as an option. There is also no electrochromic interior mirror.

The package features dual-zone digital climate control, a multimedia center with an 8.4-inch screen, a digital instrument panel, full LED headlights and leather seats.

Review a a rebel will require more from the buyer’s pocket. Jeep charges BRL 5,369 for the package with the first five Military modifications. They occur every 12 months or 12,000 km, whichever comes first.

The main difference of the competition is that the mileage range of the rivals is 10,000 km. In any case, even servicing up to 60 thousand kilometers of Chevrolet Tracker and Volkswagen T-Cross costs less. Up to 50 thousand kilometers, it still loses to Hyundai Creta.

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