Jeep expands Wagoneer lineup with new L models;  look

Jeep expands Wagoneer lineup with new L models; look

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Jeep has expanded the Wagoneer line, the brand’s first extension. Last Wednesday (13), at the New York International Motor Show 2022, in the United States, the Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L 2023 models were presented.

They have a long wheelbase and are equipped with the new Hurricane family of twin turbo engines.

The new Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L 2023 are 30 centimeters (total 5.76 meters) longer than the standard models.

With a wheelbase of 330 centimeters (+18 cm) and up to 1,251 liters of luggage space behind the third row (+ 447 liters compared to the standard wheelbase), the Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L 2023 are designed and built to offer space. for up to eight passengers and the ability to carry more cargo.

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The new Cyclone engine family

The new Hurricane 3.0-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder engine family is up to 15% more efficient than the V8. As usual, the transmission is a TorqueFlite eight-speed automatic.

Two versions power the Wagoneer L and Grand Wagoneer L 2023: Hurricane biturbo 420 hp and 634 Nm of torque for the Wagoneer L 2023 and the high-performance Hurricane 510 biturbo with 510 hp and 678 Nm of torque for the Grand Wagone 2023.

Both offer an estimated combined consumption improvement of between 0.4 km/l to 0.8 km/l over the existing V8s. There is also a special version of the Hurricane 510 biturbo for the 2022 Grand Wagoneer that can now be found at dealerships in the United States.

Watch the promotional video below:


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