Jeep Compass has a discount of up to R,000

Jeep Compass has a discount of up to R$19,000

SUV Jeep Compass has a purchase discount for direct sales to CNPJ. The reduction comes to R $ 19 thousand. All fashion releases are 8% off per unit, see details.

Jeep Compass has a discount for the direct sales category, see
The Jeep Compass has a discount on the direct sales unit, check it out (Image: Disclosure)

The Jeep Compass has an 8% direct sale discount on all offers

The Jeep Compass was the second best-selling SUV last year, thanks to 70,906,000 units sold last year, and was second only to its smaller sibling, the Jeep Renegade.

Out of this total, 75.66% of the units sold were from direct sales, taking into account the discount given by way of purchase. The reduction is 8%, in this way, model versions can be up to R $ 19,000 more in the account, see the details of each configuration.


Jeep Compass discounts range from R$12 to R$19,000

An entry-level SUV, the Sport, which has a T270 1.3 Flex engine with 4×2 traction with a six-speed automatic transmission, has a recommended public price of R$ 158,990, however, with a reduction of 8%, the configuration has a value of R$ 146,270, that is, it has discount of R$12,720.

The Longitude version with the same engine has a suggested price of R $ 170,590, however, with a reduction of R $ 13,648 thousand, the model has a final price of R $ 156,942. The middle version, with the T270 engine, The Limited, can be bought for R$174,790, thanks to a reduction of R$15,200.

Finally, the top version, Serie S, can be purchased for R$192,822, after a discount of R$16,768. The configuration has a suggested retail price of R$ 209,590.

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The diesel engine configuration also adds to the discount

Diesel versions also add an 8% discount. As for the Longitude TD350 diesel and 4×4 traction, it has a suggested public price of R$ 217,590, but can be purchased for R$ 201,102, in the direct sales category.

The Limited, also available with the TD350 engine, can be purchased for BRL 218,950, a discount of BRL 19,040 thousand.

Finally, the Trailhawk version also has the same discount of R$19,040, as the model also has a suggested retail price of R$237,990.

Jeep Compass has a discount for the direct sales category, see
The discount is 8% (Image: Disclosure)

Jeep Compass Edition with discounted prices for direct sales

Sport T270 flex 4×2 – R$ 146,270

Longitudo T270 flex 4×2 – BRL 156,942

T270 small flex 4×2 – BRL 174,790

S Series T270 flex 4×2 – R$ 192,822

Longitude TD350 diesel 4×4 – BRL 201,102

Limited TD350 diesel 4×4 – BRL 218,950

Trailhawk TD350 diesel 4×4 – R$218,950

The SUV reaches the mark of 300 thousand units sold in the country

Jeep Compass entered the market in October 2016, the SUV’s performance won both on- and off-road tracks and in sales. Compass has accumulated several successes during its journey and has now reached another milestone: it exceeded 300,000 units sold in Brazil in January.

“The Compass is an innovative model that is constantly evolving to be more and more fun. In 2021, the New Jeep Compass got even better because it brought more design, sophistication, technology and performance. Therefore, the result could not be different: more success. In addition , reconfirmed the leadership of its segment in the country and also ended the year of its fifth anniversary with its best market performance since its launch in Brazil,” says Alexandre Aquino, director of Brand Jeep for Latin America.

Jeep Compass has a discount for the direct sales category, see
Jeep Compass reached 300 thousand units sold in Brazil (Photo: Disclosure)

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