Jeep Commander launched in India at a lower cost than Brazil

Jeep Commander launched in India at a lower cost than Brazil

The Jeep Commander was the brand’s first vehicle to be manufactured in Brazil and now it is arriving in India. The seven-seater SUV has just been launched in India, where it has been named the Meridian and will be offered in two variants, the Limited and the Limited (O), the latter being the equivalent of our Overland.

The Jeep Meridian is only offered with a 2.0 turbodiesel engine, which in Indian specification delivers 170 hp equivalent to 27.5 kgfm for the Brazilian model. The biggest difference from our Commander is the range of front-wheel drive versions, with either a six-speed manual or a nine-speed automatic. All-wheel drive is reserved for the Limited (O) only.


In the table below are the prices of the Jeep Meridian in Rupees and the conversion to Reais, taking into account the quotation at the time of closing the article. Laki is a way to short hundreds of thousands of Indian money.

Version Price in Rs Price in Reais
Small manual 4×2 29.90 lakh shillings BRL 183,498
Small manual (O) 4×2 32.40 lakh shillings BRL 202,480
4×2 automatic limiter 31.80 lakh shillings BRL 196,153
Limit (O) auto 4×2 34.30 lakh shillings BRL 215,135
Limited AWD (O) automatic 36.95 lakh shillings BRL 234,118

The Jeep Meridian, for now, is similar to the Brazilian-made Commander in terms of materials and finishes. It brings features like a digital dashboard with a 10.25-inch screen, a multimedia center with a 10.1-inch screen and an active ADAS safety package. THE the Indian branch of the newspaper AutoCar it speculates that a six-seat version is on the way, with two seats in the middle row.

In Brazil, the Jeep Commander Limited with a diesel engine starts at R$277,990 and the Overland costs R$306,890. Here it only comes with all-wheel drive as our law requires four-wheel drive and a reduced gear for SUVs with a diesel engine. Instead of having a gearbox, Jeep claims that the first gear with a short ratio is the same as a reduction.

Boris has already driven a Jeep Commander, see what he thought about the seven-seater SUV:

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