Jeep Avenger, ready for new adventures

Jeep Avenger, ready for new adventures


NEW – Designed primarily for the European market, the first electric Jeep will arrive in early 2023.

If no one tells you, it is impossible to imagine the next one Jeep launched in the market at the beginning of next year is powered by electricity. Its appearance could almost pass for a Renegade evolution. Looking more closely, we see that the seven vertical bars that work as a grille – the signature of the American brand – are closed, a sign of the presence of an electric traction chain.

The first zero-emission Jeep will be shown as a world premiere to the public at the upcoming Paris Motor Show to be held in Paris, Porte de Versailles, from October 18 to 23. The show will unfortunately be international in name only due to the lack of interest in many developers.

Jeep Avengers. Stellantis/© 2022 Stellantis

Christened Avenger, the first electric Jeep will place itself below the Renegade in size, with a length not exceeding 4.15 m. Produced at the Tichy plant in Poland, this compact SUV boasts striking lines highlighted by marked wheel arches.

Like the newest baby of the galaxy Stellantis, the Avenger accepts group discipline. So it is based on the redesigned CMP platform of Peugeot e-2008 and DS3 Crossback e-Tense. Not only that, the Jeep would benefit from a new change in the battery but also the electric machine. Technical information has not yet been revealed, except for the announced range of 400 km with a full charge. Jeep insists, the Avenger will also be distinguished from its French cousins ​​by the presence of a small electric motor on the rear axle to provide four-wheel drive. Finally, to know the inside, it will still be necessary to wait a few weeks.