Je!  What is the future of the Massimo Cancellieri in Limoges?  CSP delays

Je! What is the future of the Massimo Cancellieri in Limoges? CSP delays

Combined with the excellent season that is currently the Limoges CSP (fifth in Betclic ÉLITE), the first victory on Pau’s land in nine years has given security protection among supporters. Builder of one of the strongest teams in the championship, with many unknown players at the beginning, Massimo Canellieri (49) is currently the fashion coach in France.

Discovered by Crawford Palmer in the second Italian unit, the Abruzzo technician nevertheless “disagreed” in the corridors of Beaublanc reports. People of the Center. If there is nothing to complain about his reputation as a coach, as the Limoges season is not expected, his assertive behavior may have angered some CSP decision-makers.

Thus, Le Populaire du Center confirms that Massimo Cancellieri is not at all confident of developing events in Limoges next season, even in the event of a qualifying event, as stipulated in his contract. It will be important to go through a salary increase, not necessarily a problem for the club, but above all through a long-term commitment, which is not in everyone’s opinion in the CSP. Above all, the palace revolution in Beaublanc brings this problem to the hands of two people who have not yet arrived: Alain Cloux, future general manager, and Kevin Anstett, future sports director. What will they want to do with the future of Massimo Cancellieri? The public has already decided, now they will charge the club to do the same.

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