Japanese brands are still ahead – 98.5 Montreal

Japanese brands are still ahead – 98.5 Montreal

There is more than one survey about the satisfaction of previous customers with the purchase of a new car, but each one is interesting, even if the results are often similar. In fact, we see a clear trend emerging, especially when it comes to the work of Japanese companies.

Basically, end customers are more satisfied.

However, the fly in the ointment marks the results of a survey conducted by the American Customer Satisfaction Index. Indeed, the latter points to a 1.3% decrease in overall customer satisfaction between 2021 and 2022.

We saw the same thing with JD Power, who APEAL study published last month it has also revealed a drop in the satisfaction level of new car owners.

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It’s about all the mainstream brands that have lost their feathers while luxury companies have moved ahead of their customers.

In total, 4,708 randomly selected users were surveyed between July 2021 and July 2022. Last year, the overall satisfaction index was 78%, while it is 77% this year.

Each brand receives a total score out of one hundred points, with different criteria being scored throughout the process, such as reliability, performance, security, etc.

Among mass builders, people are generally satisfied with the three factors mentioned recently (81%). They are less satisfied with warranty (75%) and utility (74%).

2022 Toyota Venza

Here are the scores recorded by various generator manufacturers. We see without a doubt that the gap is narrow between each other, which means two things; you have to take the results with a grain of salt to identify the winner, but at the same time, they provide an overall picture and an interesting tool for comparison, especially comparing the best and the worst.

Subaru (80)
Toyota (80)
Chevy (78)
Hyundai (78)
Mazda (78)
RAM (78)
Honda (77)
Buick (77)
Nissan (77)
Volkswagen (77)
Ford (76)
GM (76)
Jeep (76)
Kia (76)
Dodge (74)
Chrysler (72)
Mitsubishi (72)

2022 Hyundai Kona N-Line

Regarding luxury cars, customers are satisfied with comfort, interior and safety with respective percentages of 84%, 83% and 83%. Warranty and usage satisfy only 79% and 76% of the respondents.

Again, we see a trend.

Lexus (84)
Akura (82)
Audi (82)
Infiniti (82)
Kadilaki (80)
Tesla (80)
Mercedes-Benz (79)
BMW (77)
Volvo (76)
Lincoln (75)

For some producers, the news is good and profitable. This is the case for Toyota (1%), Chevrolet (3%), Chrysler (3%), Acura (8%) and Infiniti (9%). On the other hand, the following companies retreated; Hyundai, Mazda, Volvo and Lincoln (1%), Honda (6%), Dodge (5%).

As with Korean and American companies, it is stable with a drop in value of around 1%.

2022 Acura MDX