Japan: Sales of new cars dropped again in June

A total of 197,530 new cars, trucks and buses were sold last month in the country, from 234,697 June 2021, according to the Japan Automotive Traders Association (Jada).
These deficits are in the same order as those recorded in May (-16.7%) and April (-15%).
Vessels placed in China on the surface of the Covid-19, especially in Shanghai between April and early June, have taken a heavy toll on international distribution chains, particularly affecting the Japanese automotive industry.

In June, sales of Toyota leader, which together with its top Lexus brand accounted for 46% of car sales in Japan, dropped by 25.8% year-on-year in the country.
Those of Nissan, a partner of Renault, reduced their decline (-1.9% in one year), and those of the second Japanese manufacturer Honda rose by 15.1% in the same period.

In the separate category of “kei cars”, 130,366 of these very popular small cars in Japan were sold in the Archipelago Islands in June, a relatively stable figure (-0.4%) for one year, according to the Japanese association that brings together manufacturers. of these cars.
In addition to kei cars, car sales in Japan dropped by 10.3 percent to approximately 330,000 units in June from year to year.