Jaguar Land Rover is investing in electric and connected cars

Jaguar Land Rover is investing in electric and connected cars

Jaguar Land Rover, a subsidiary of Indian Tata Motors and recently under the direction of Thierry Bolloré, has lagged behind in terms of electrification and the adoption of advanced connectivity.

To overcome this lack of anticipation, the English group decided to create in Gaydon, in England, a dedicated installation of electricity and connection. It is the Range Rover Sport that first benefits from these various devices including an Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) laboratory and two anechoic chambers: “silent” electric road. allowing engineers to test high-speed vehicles, and equipment to evaluate the individual performance of components, such as batteries or electric motors.

For example, services and features such as Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, 4 and 5G, adaptive cruise control, wireless charging and passive location tracking will all be tested for EMC through the facility. mention the brand. Note that despite the limited success of the i-Pace, the forerunner of electric SUVs, Jaguar Land Rover has released hybrids only recently and it is bearing the brunt of the automotive problem.

Let’s hope that this investment allows this flagship brand to quickly compete with the Americans, which already offers a number of 100% electric 4×4 models with advanced electronics –such as Rivian, F-150 Electric, Tesla Cybertruck or Hummer EV.

let’s remember that we tested (under) the i-Pace 2021 last yeara modified and revised version of the first model, very well equipped, but which suffers from refilling. quickly a little slow with the open media system. On the other hand, the car was very pleasant to drive and still offers high performance.

This is our Jaguar i-Pace 2021 test drive!

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