Jaguar Land Rover antivirus system |  Automotive News

Jaguar Land Rover antivirus system | Automotive News

With the current epidemic, many manufacturers are interested in finding ways to protect us more against viruses. Jaguar Land Rover develops an air filtration system that reduces up to 97% of airborne viruses and bacteria. Designed as a mask for your car’s air conditioning system, it is based on Panasonic’s Nanoe X technology.

Most of the company’s models now have Panasonic’s Nanoe technology with PM2.5 filtration. The Nanoe X method is 10 times more efficient, according to the brand, because it relies on high voltage to create trillions of hydroxyl radicals (OH) encapsulated within nanometer-sized water molecules. Imagine an army of soldiers guarding a fortress; they keep the enemies out.

In fact, the proteins of viruses and bacteria are reduced when they come into contact with the filtration system, which means that they cannot reproduce or grow. OHs also kill common allergens and molds, while being harmless to humans.

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Jaguar Land Rover stressed that it does not rely on computer simulations to determine whether its filtration system is working as expected. Instead, it asked the British laboratory Perfectus Biomed to conduct an experiment that simulates the ventilation system in cyclic mode during a 30-minute cycle in a closed room. The results were encouraging as 97% of airborne viruses and bacteria were removed. The manufacturer said that Panasonic’s Nanoe X technology has been independently proven to block 99.995% of the coronavirus in a two-hour laboratory test, conducted by the French immunology laboratory Texcell.

Future models Jaguar and Land Rover will use this technology, but it is not clear when we will see the car installed. It will be recalled that Honda launched its coronavirus spoiler in the form of a cabin air filter sold as an original spare part. This filter has four layers, one of which is covered with an active substance of fruit extract that deactivates almost 100% of the viral aerosol it captures. The part is offered in Europe at Honda dealers, but not here.