Jaguar Land Rover and Vibra join forces to accelerate electrification

Jaguar Land Rover and Vibra join forces to accelerate electrification

The cooperation includes the compatibility of priority routes for the installation of fast charging devices for vehicles.

Jaguar Land Rover and Vibra signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to develop projects related to electric mobility in Brazil. The partnership will allow the two companies to share knowledge and technology, while combining efforts to expand power supply solutions for customers.

One of the initial priorities is the implementation of the Vibra network of power stations at Petrobras Stations. In July, Vibra launched a project to create the largest electricity corridor in the countryalong with the installation of 70 super fast charging stations to connect seven states.

Expanding Vibra’s electricity

The company (formerly Petrobras Distribuidora), which leads the oil and lubricants distribution market in Brazil, hopes to offer electric vehicle charging services in 25 percent of its network of service stations by 2030.

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“We are moving forward in our process of consolidating the payment network as the largest and most robust connected network in the country, with comprehensive solutions for public and dedicated terminals, with an emphasis on our road and urban terminals, which total more than 8,000 units across . country.”, said Alexandre Tavares, director of Gas, Energy and New B2B Business at Vibra.

Transition to clean energy

In early 2022, Jaguar Land Rover announced that it aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. in its activities until 2030. According to the automotive group, the partnership with Vibra is a step forward to help reduce indirect production going on in the value chain.

“We believe that the path to innovation, electrification and building a more sustainable future is shared. We have been discussing the importance of joining forces to deliver initiatives that help our companies achieve their strategic and sustainability commitments”, said Gabriel Patini, director of Jaguar. Land Rover’s Latam Business Development & Innovation.