Jaguar and its old E-Type with an electric motor |  Automotive News

Jaguar and its old E-Type with an electric motor | Automotive News

In 2017, Jaguar presented an electric version of its legendary model, the E-Type. The event took place in London and created a lot of emotions. Then the car was seen again at the wedding of Prince Harry, which is still in England.

Soon, more than one model will be seen in the UK and the rest of the world. Jaguar has just announced that it will produce this electric version of the E-Type. Be careful, though, because numbers will be limited.

Type E Zero, as it should be called, receives an electric motor that develops the equivalent of 295 horses. The latter draws its power from a group of lithium-ion batteries. What is interesting is that these take the form of a 6-cylinder engine that was fitted to the car at the time. The distance of the car is about 300 km. As for the electric motor, it is installed in the place of transmission.

For others, the mechanical components remain the same.

Another task, we were able to maintain the weight ratio of the original model. The same as the electric version is 100 pounds lighter. As for the performances, they will be convincing with a time of 5.5 seconds for 0-100 km / h.

Those who decide to buy the model will have the option to make a few changes to the interior, the question of taking advantage of the digitized instrument cluster and the touchscreen multimedia screen that will take place in the redesigned center console.

Cleaners will be able to keep the original appearance of the model. Jaguar also mentioned that owners of conventional cars can also make this conversion, if they feel like it. Note that the latter can be changed, as it does not require structural changes.

At the moment, Jaguar has not announced the price of this model, but it still accepts reservations. The first delivery should be made in the summer of 2020.