“It’s the truth of this team, quite simply”

“It’s the truth of this team, quite simply”

From extreme to another. On Tuesday evening, Bourg-en-Bresse was on a march in Gravelines, marching on BCM in Sportica (92-55). Four days later, the roles were reversed: under unparalleled influence from their audience, JL returned to the dressing room with Cholet beats (31-57 at recess). “At the time, we were just talking about pride, about making a low level of respect for clubs and jerseys,” whispered Laurent Legname, unable to find the real reasons for his team’s misconduct.

“I don’t know how that explains it. When you see what we were able to do three days earlier and what we are producing this evening … I had requested the same collection, the same way we could have out, where I think we are focusing more and more together. There is no logical explanation for our start. It’s not even at the level of basketball, it’s at the level of dedication, toughness and toughness. Cholet had those values, not us. […] What we produced in the first episode was horrible, disrespectful to the people in the room, allies and the whole club. I don’t fall from the clouds over the instability but I didn’t think it would take this size. I thought there would be a low level of commitment, aggression, a desire to do things together, all these foundations laid for a month. Obviously we forgot everything in the first quarter. I’m not angry, it doesn’t matter. It is the reality of this team there, quite easily. After 28 league games and 18 EuroCup, we know the strengths and weaknesses of this team. We have experienced these ups and downs many times since the start of the season. »

“Without these values, we can’t win, we can’t even exist.”

Always quick to get off the rails after giving a glimpse of the most beautiful things (two consecutive hits and +34 in Dijon in January, the same week with the Gravelines – Cholet series), JL Bourg has never been in the right. place, speed, at least in consistent motion this season. The fault of the team dressed badly from the start, was overwhelmed by the expected leaders (CJ Harris, JaCorey Williams) who have continued to be disappointed. In this regard, what would have happened to the former Béarnais without his three-match winning streak between January and February? JL’s temporary savior, since then has regained the status quo as the highest paid employee (1/4 points against Metropolitans 92 last weekend, 3 minutes against Cholet), certainly the night’s excuse was probably reduced. and the recent birth of her first child. Other seasons under anticipation will also be highlighted (especially Axel Julien and Pierre Pelos). Blame also on Eric Mika’s injury, and above all over the option of not repairing the replacement axis, while a referee like Alen Omic, for example, struggled to get back all season. , before being hired by Ljubljana and changing. Cedevita Olimpija. The fault, finally, with the marriage between JL Bourg and Laurent Legname that does not take drastic action, until the former JDA coach Dijon now raises the effects of dermatitis in the Ékinox period, with a few whistles last week. a moment of anger against Norris Cole or great cheers for Hugo Benitez’s entry on Saturday, launched in the 15th minute after two games he spent rubbing the bench. In fact, the Varois almost now hold a speech with a terrifying accent, almost resigning, as if he had completely lost hope of ever changing things. As if he had no more barriers to change style.

“I’ve tried everything. I almost reached the point of self-denial. At least, I changed a lot of things with my staff. I will not just reject the values ​​I believe in: dedication, aggression, strength, defense, fighting. This is the first thing in a team game. , unfortunately, we do not have. Or just a little. Everything else, we tried with my staff. But there are times like that… “

After four seasons of uninterrupted JL development since the reinstatement of the elite in 2017, this could end in a zero mark at the level of three starting goals: early evacuation in the Coupe de France, from the road from. the first round of the EuroCup and the prospect of qualifying which is increasingly lost. “I’m not crazy, I know very well that it will be difficult to win qualifying matches,” admits Laurent Legname. “I want to at least try to finish well, to give everything for the club. In this regard, it should also be noted that the leaders, the leading President Julien Desbottes, are less visible, audible, than in some years when everything was going well. Five days from last. , JL Bourg can still relate to mathematics and the certainty that nothing was lost in the Top 8 race, with his two backs and a good basketball average at Le Mans. “There is still hope, we all know what we can do,” notes Maxime Roos. But in reality, in a season that includes as many ups and downs as this, it shows strong emotions against Roanne, a successful play against Chorale in three days.

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