It’s the Bacon Bowl this Saturday at the Autodrome Chaudière

It’s the Bacon Bowl this Saturday at the Autodrome Chaudière

This Saturday, September 10, will take place at the Autodrome Chaudière de Vallée-Jonction the biggest program of the season for the category. Nascar Late ModelBacon Bowl 300 Budweiser famous.

Some 300 laps await these drivers along with a whopping $10,000 purse for the winner!

It will also be the end of the tournament Nascar truck, Nascar Vintage and The legends of Nascar have been changed. As the stakes are high for each driver, fierce battles are expected in all categories throughout the day.

Nascar Late Model AIM Recycling
The presentation of the Budweiser Bacon Bowl is intended to be the highest paying race of the season at Autodrome Chaudière with a $10,000 jackpot for the winner of this 300-lap race. Along with the winner of this race, the local Nascar Championship and Triple Crown champions Kennebec Dodge Chrysler will also be crowned. .

– Phase 3 of the Triple Crown Kennebec Dodge Chrysler

William Larue (#55) is currently at the top of the standings with 52 points. Dany Trépanier (#19) is at 50 points and Jeff Côté (#51) is at 44 points. Marc Bégin (#37) is in 4th place with 38 points followed by a tie of 36 points with Maxime Gauvreau (#17) and Mathieu Kingsbury (#9).

-2022 Nascar Auto Advance Championship

Jeff Côté is 54 points ahead of his nearest rival, Louis-Philippe Lauzier (#72) with 166 points. Maxime Gauvreau follows the group with 162 points. As for Nascar Late Model 2022 Rookie, Louis-Philippe Lauzier is guaranteed to get the title before even starting on Saturday!

Nascar Truck Pick-up Station
In the Pick-up de Beauce Nascar Truck Center, Steve Lavigne (#72) is ahead of Simon Dion Viens by 14 points (#37). Carl Vachon (#118) is not far behind with 130 points. Anthony Lessard (#192) and Cédric Lemay (#16) can still compete for the third place in the championship with 124 and 120 points respectively. Without a shadow of a doubt, they will be able to bring you an exciting final of 50 laps!

Nascar Vintage AD Roy Excavation
It is the end of the championship that awaits us at the end of the Nascar Vintage Excavation AD Roy championship between father and son of the Gilbert family. Indeed, it is currently Marco (#44) leading with 154 points and Andy (#17) with 142 points. With 2 finals of 30 laps, nothing is decided for Marco Gilbert! During these finals, Patrick Verner(#B45), Josca Lévesque(#08), François Becksted(#19), Alexandre Béland(#49), Jimmy Gagné(#4) and Marc-André Cliche(#43) did not . he will not allow victory to be placed upon them so easily! The shiny cars have an exciting performance planned for the last time this season!

Nascar Changed Legends
It will be in this category that the possibility of changing champions for the 2022 season is possible. As a result, Hugo Paquet (#13) is currently only 6 points ahead of Félix-Antoine Comeau (#62). Jessy Lambert (#64) is in 3rd place but 8 points behind the championship leader! There is no certainty for the modified Nascar Légendes drivers who will compete in the final 50-lap finale at the Autodrome Chaudière.

The grounds will be accessible to spectators from 1:15 am.

Contribution to text by Sonia Godbout and Maxime Gagné.