It’s official, the Ferrari SUV will have a V12

It’s official, the Ferrari SUV will have a V12

After weeks of speculation and speculation, we now know that the Ferrari Purosangue will have a V12 under its hood. The Italian company has just announced in an Instagram post.

It comes with a V12! The Ferrari Purosangue is due to debut later this year. Initially, purists were very concerned about this allegedly “original” Ferrari SUV. For them, the SUV is the opposite of everything the Italian company has done so far. However, Ferrari still needs to show good financial results. So selling a super fast super SUV to the rich is the best way to do it. Speaking of speed, it is almost certain that the Purosangue will be one of the fastest SUVs on the market. Yes, even the latest Aston Martin DBX 707 has to exceed. Ferrari seems to be on the right track as Ferrari CEO Benedetto Vigna has confirmed that the brand’s SUV will have a regular V12 engine under the hood.

This concept has been put forward for several months and this time it is certain. The legendary space V12 will have its place. It is also worth noting that the Purosangue will be available with other engines under the hood: it can have a V8 and certainly hybrid power. To confirm the presence of the V12, Ferrari launched a short video on its networks, immediately after the small meeting that has made it possible to announce it to Ferrari’s VIP.

There is no more doubt

The video says the new Ferrari is coming and it will “undoubtedly be a Ferrari at heart, powered by our V12 engine”. Currently, the only SUV with a V12 on the market is the Rolls-Royce Cullinan. But not a real competitor more than the British SUV is about luxury, more sports. Ferrari said in this Instagram post that this is the new V12. However, we think more about the changes to the engine block of the 812 Competizione.

For now, the potency is still a mystery. In the 812 Competizione, the naturally aspirated V12 develops 830 horsepower. So it’s highly likely that the Purosangue will approach this figure, although Ferrari may add a bit more power to compensate for the higher weight of the first Ferrari SUV. Prancing Horse says deliveries of its SUV should begin in 2023. Based on the information that has been repeatedly revealed on the car, we can imagine that it will be presented in the coming weeks.