It’s official: Porsche and Audi will enter F1 in 2026

It’s official: Porsche and Audi will enter F1 in 2026

Rumors have been circulating for months. This time it’s true. The Volkswagen Group is returning to F1. It was big boss Herbert Diess who announced that the decision had been taken to allow the two brands to enter F1.

There aren’t many details yet

Herbert Diess said Porsche’s preparations were “more rigorous” than Audi’s. If the report is correct, VW Group brands will likely only enter F1 in 2026, when new, simpler mechanical regulations will be introduced and the sport will switch to sustainable energy. VW Group executives have been present for many discussions about the future of the F1 power unit.

In collaboration with other pavilions

According to reports, Porsche is in talks with Red Bull Racing to become mechanical suppliers (and possibly sister team AlphaTauri as well). Red Bull is currently building its engine based on the design of the former Honda company. He will need a new supplier once the new power unit rules are introduced.

And for Audi

Things are not clear at Audi. The marque with the four rings would seek to acquire the McLaren Group, which controls the F1 company McLaren. Citing a source, Reuters reported in March that Audi had made a 500 million euro (about $556.3 million) bid for the McLaren Group. Porsche has a history in F1. It competed as a manufacturer in the 1950s and 1960s, then briefly as a power unit supplier in the 1980s and early 1990s. Although Audi did not compete in F1 racing, it has a strong past, having dominated the circuit with Mercedes -Benz in the 1930s during the Auto Union.

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