‘It’s forbidden’ · TV news

‘It’s forbidden’ · TV news

Abumani (Dudu de Oliveira) will leave José (Juliano Laham) completely distraught by the request in Genesis. The servant will show his intention to return to his country, Kush, and leave his friend. However, the governor of Egypt will absolutely refuse to release him. “It is illegal”, will say the son of Israel (Petrônio Gontijo).

In the final episode of the biblical soap opera Record, the Hebrew’s best friend will be fine. “I want to go to Kushi. For good”, he will shoot. Yusuf almost backed away when he heard the request.

“You are not going! From now on you are forbidden to go anywhere other than the palace to work, do you understand?”, the governor shouted. Asenate (Letícia Almeida) will not be happy about the situation either. “I forbid you! I don’t even want to know what José will do, but you won’t leave!”, the girl complained.

However, upon reflection, José will come to the conclusion that he is selfish, and will allow his friend to fulfill his dream. “I let you go. I give you your freedom. No one deserves more than you. I’m sorry I didn’t think about it before”, insists Judah’s brother (Thiago Rodrigues).

In a tearful farewell, Abumani will thank the confidant for all the help he has given him. “You changed my life, José. I’m sure I won’t be sadder than this, to be separated from you”, the boy sighs.

Genesis is a revision of the first book of the Bible. The flyer is divided into seven phases, and, for now, the Record shows the seventh: José. In addition to spoilers, TV news publishes a synopsis of a biblical novel.

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